Origin:  China

FCI.Standard   Nr   205

Protroage: Great Britain
Utilization Guard dog, compaion
Classification Group 5, Section 5,Without working trail

General Appearence

Active, compact, short-coupled and essentially well balanced,leonine   in appearance, proud ,dignified bearing; well knit frame; tail carried    well over back.

Behaviour/  Temerament: Quiet dog, good guard, bluish– black tongue; unique in its stilted gait. Inderpendant, loyal, yet aloof.
Cranial Region  
  Skull: Flat, broad; well filled out under the eyes.
  Stop:  Not pronounced.
Facial Region  
  Nose: Large and wide in all cases black( with exception of cream and near white in whichcase a light-coloured nose is permissible, and in blues and fawn a self-coloured nose.
  Muzzle: Moderate in length, broad from eyes to end( not pointed at end like a fox).
  Flews: Flews and roof of mouth black(Blue black), gums preferably black. Tongue bluishblack Jaws/Teeth: Teeth strong and level, jaws strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bitei.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws.
Eyes: Dark oval shaped. Medium sized and clean. A matching coloured eye permissible in blues and fawns. Clean eye, free from entropion, never being penalised for sake of mere size.
Ears: Small, thick, slightly rounded at tip, carried stiffly and wide apart but tilting well forward over eyes and slightly towards each other giving peculiar characteristic scowling expression of the breed. Scowl never to be achieved by loose wrinkled skin of head. 
Neck: Strong full, not short, set well on shoulders and slightly arched.
  Back: Short, level and strong.
  Loins: Powerful.
  Chest: Broad and deep. Ribe well sprung, but not barrelled.
Tail: Set high,carried well over back.
Forquarters: Forelegs perfectly straight, of moderate length, woth good bone.
  Shoulders: Muscular and sloping.
Hindquarters: Hindlegs muscular.
  Hock joint: Well let down, with minimal angulation, essential to produce the characteristic stilted gait. Never flexing forward.
  Hock: From hock joints downwards to appear straight.
Feet: Small, round, cat-like, standing well, on toes.
Gait/ Movement: Short and stilted. Forelegs and hindlegs moving parallel to each other and straight forward.

Either rough or smooth.

Rough: Profuse, abundant,dense,straight and stand-off. Outer coat rather coarse in texture, with soft woolly undercoat. Especially thick round neck forming mane or ruff and with good culottes or breechings on back of thighs.

Smooth: Coar short, abundant, dense, straight, upstanding, not flat, plush-like in texture

Any artificial shortening of the coat which alters the natural outline or expression should be penalised.

  Colour: Whole coloured black, red, blue, fawn, cream or white, frequently shaded but in patches or parti-coloured( underpart of tail and back of thighs frequently of a lighter colour.
Size: Height at withers: Dogs 48 –56 cm (19-22 ins) at shoulder.

Bitches 46 -51 cm (18-20 ins) at shoulder.

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing point should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should in exact proportion to its degree.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully decended into the scrotum.

Standard 24.06.1987


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