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 December 12th in  Helsinki

Bidachows Rock and Roll Rosalill " Rosa": BB 2 C.C., & Finjw10

Bidachows O'Lovely Othella: op cl. Ex1 v & BB3

INTCH DKCH SCH NORDV08 KLBCH ROSG09 Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: ch. cl. Ex.2v

Judge: Joyce O'Conner,Ir.

Photo: Riitta Ropponen.

 December 11th. in Helsinki

Bidachows Rock and Roll Rosalill " Rosa": Jun cl. Ex.3v

Bidachows O'Lovely Othella: op cl. Ex2

INTCH DKCH SCH NORDV08 KLBCH ROSG09 Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: ch. cl. Ex.2v BB4

judge: Maija mäkinen Suomi, Fin


 December 3th

Our  R2 litter become 1 year to day

Big Congratulations to :

Bidachows Rock and Roll.....Ronaldo, Ronja, Roxan, Rosie and our own Rosa.

November 27th. DCCK's local show in Jægerspris

Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny : Best bitch . Judge.Svein Bjørnes, DK


Gibson said "hi mom" when I came home after the show. Very nasty weather to drive in.


 November 20th.

Bidachows L(2) litter is 3 years today.

Happy Birthday

Bidachows Lord Luke the smooth, Bidachows Lord Leonardo, Bidachows Lady Lilly, Bidachows Lovely smooth Lady Lucy, Bidachows Lovely smooth Lady Lizzy.

The cake is made of Chanette


11. November

Bidachows T-Litter was born this night, 1 black male, 1 red male and 3 red girls, some will be smooth. Se the littes page.

Sire: Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy - Dam: Bidachows Joyfull Joline


11. November.

Bidachows I-litter have birthday today and for 5 years ago was Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy father of this litter too. Dam: Bidachows Bright Britny the Smooth

Happy Birthday

DKCH SCH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci - Bidachows  Inspire Smooth IKarny - Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMarny - Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMaxy

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue( lives in Finland) -  Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy ( lives in Finland)


7. November, Växjö, Sweden.

Bidachows O'lovely Othella: BOB, Now Swedish Champion, 2 year 2 days old. This is her 8 Swedish C.C.

INTCH DKCH SCH NORDV08 KLBCH  Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: BB2

BOS: Pei Fang Absolut Music, New champion

Judge: Tina Permo



6 November, DKK Herning.

Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: ch. kl. Ex. 2 v.

Bidachows Rock And Roll Rosalil: jun kl. Ex. 1 v.

Bidachows: O'Lovely Othella: åb. kl. Ex. 4 v

Dommer: Matti Tuominen, FI


November 5th.

Bidachows O-Kuld fylder 2 år i dag

Bidachows Own Black Othello & Bidachows O'lovely Othella, 2 years to day

Happy Birthday


November 3th.

INTCH DKCH SCH NORDV08 KLBCH ROSG09 Bidachows Joyfull Jossie & Bidachows Joyfull Joline become 4 years old to day.

Joline will have the litter in about 8-10 days


 Oktober 30th.

Bidachows G-litter is 6 years today

Big Congratulations to :

INTCH DKCH SCH Bidachows Graceful Gipsy

DKCH VDHCH Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby


SCH Bidachows Gentle Smooth Grizzly

Bidachows Gentle Guy ( there will become father of a litter in 2 weeks)

Bidachows Gentle Gizmo



24 Oktober, Ringtræning i Albertslund

Despite a fall of rain, we went for training at Alberton with Rose, Penny, Gucci.

23 Oktober

Joline 6 weeks pregnat

Oktober 14th.

Bidachows Joyfull Joline, 4 weeks uger pregnat

Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy: Father to be

Oktober 14th.
Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy enjoy a day in the garden after her face- lift in marts- Bidachows Rock and Roll Rosalil "Rosa" 10 months
 September 18 th., DKK's Show in Ballerup

Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny: jun. cl.VG 2v. First time in this class

Bidachows Rock and Roll Rosalil: jun. cl. Ex. 1v. First time in this class.

Bidachows O'lovely Othella: intermediate cl. Ex.2v

Bidachows Irresistible Igucci: ch. cl.Ex.3v

Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: ch. cl. Ex.1v. BT2 rec. cacib

Lars and Susanne was alone. Fortunately, they got help in the shoring of Imran (Thanks)

Rosa ( photo: Margit Søjnæs)

Penny( photo: Margit Søjnæs)

September 18th.

Today we have given up the fight for little Sooky. She never would eat from Gabby and trough she was offered bottle every two hours, she took very little weight on. The last 4 days, the nothing and she was X-rayed yesterday and it showed a lot of fluid in the belly. We tried antibiotics, but she just got worse and worse.
It is so horrible, Gabby is such a good mother and has cared for her and cuddled her so well. It is terrible time for her - fortunately there's no more milk.
So I go now and clean up in the puppy room - sad.

September 10th.

Despite Gabby very pregnant belly, there was only one baby girl. Welcome to Bidachows Sweet Sooky


31. August

Gabby 8 weeks pregnant



Susanne was on  Gothland, Sweden with Bidachows O'Lovely Othella

She got C.C.& BB2.


August 22th., The dogs day in Tivoli

A good day, but a wet experience, when the rain was comming down in a very long time

 See more from the day


August 21th., Norrköping &  August 22th.Eskilstuna in Sweden

DKCH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci both days: BB2

Bidachows O'lovely Othella, there was in bikini : 3 v. in the class first day - & 2 v. in the class the second day.

Judge: 21th. : Grant-Cook Maura, Ir

Judge: 22 th.: Elisabeth Spillman-Åkerlund, Sweden


August 21 th.

DCCK's show in Grønbrohallen, Sandved

Bidachows Lord Luke the Smooth: get C.C. & BM2

DKCH Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy: BM3

DKCH KLBch Bidachows Funky Frida: Ex 1.v. ch. cl.

Bidachows Quality Quincy: Good

Kennel Bidachow: Price of honour

Dommer: Katarzyna Fiszdon, PL.


August 15th.

To day the  Q  - litter is 1 year old, Happy Birthday to:

Bidachows Quality Quincy, Bidachows Quality Qella( lives in Finland) , Bidachows Quality Smooth Qanna, Bidachows Quality Smooth Qina( lives in Finland).

Unfortunaly, Quinny did't get the chance to have her 1 year birthday.

Here is Quincy on his 1 year birthday.


 August 14 th.

Good news, Gabby waits puppies, it will be around 8th. September

The proud father to be is Chowhill's Gandor, HD:A - AD: 0 Swedish import live at Kennel Peli, Skanderborg


 August 8th.
Othella & Othello playing in the garden Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny and Dorte

We still missing Quinny a lot and it is a difficult time, but it warms with the sweet mails and greetings we have received, but it's still undbelievable


July 31 th.

 The vet change the bandage around. 6-7 days.  Sunday July 25th. afternoon, Quinny show that something is wrong. She will have the bandage of

Monday 26th, the vet take the bandage of.  And something is all wrong,  her leg quite cold and there is bruising. With wash of the leg coat and skin goes of

There is gangrene of the lower leg and foot. Despite the best treatment - every day at the vet, the leg becomes only worse and there is no hope to save the leg.

On Saturday 31 July, we put her to sleep.  She is not even 1 year old. A sweet, gentle and always a happy littel dog. We will never forget her.

16 Juliy


Quinny was a surgery, on July 6 . The new TTA method done on Fakse animal hospital. Where you do not insert a new ligament, but moves stabilization point by cutting a V in the lower leg and then put metal into the leg.

It went so well, she used the leg so nicely, until 10th July - When she suddely jump up on our bed and hammers the knee into the bed fence and is hurt som mush. And she sto use the leg. new X-ray show that she now had 2 small breaks on the lower leg. So now the leg fixed with a Robert Jones bandage, which must be on for 3 weeks, it most not be wet. so it is with plastic on the leg before the little walk in the garden.
Pure Quinny
- here in the summer heat.

 16 July

We have some ekstra dogs in the summer.

Qanna is here because her roommate is injured and must have siw weeks of rest. Quincys ( her brother)  people participant in a wedding


Tvaaker, Sweden, July 9 th & 10 th.


Saturday d. 10.

Bidachows O'Lovely Othella: BIR, Cert

DKCH SCH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci: BB2

Judge: Attila Keleman, Ru

Friday d. 9

Bidachows O'Lovely Othella: BOB, C.C. Cacib,  Nr. 5 in the grup

DKCH SCH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci: BB2 rec. Cacib

Judge: Jens Ramsing, DK


Wold Dog Show 2010


 DCCK's show the day after

Chanette og Lilly


20 Juni, Jönköping, Sweden
Igucci: C.C. BB2, Now Swedish  champion Othella: 1 pr.
Judge: Bo Lundstrøm, Sv.


19 Juni, Jönköping, Sweden
Igucci: BIR Othella: BT2 +Cert
Judge: Denis Kuzelj, Slo

Susanne has a girltrip with the dogs in Sweden, 4 days.


13 juni 2010   Club show 2010 in, Klackbergsgården, Norberg Sweden
DKCH Igucci: Ch cl. Ex 1v BB 3 Othella: Ex 2v

Judge: Yvette Ferguson, USA

12 juni 2010    Svensk vinner show.

Dalarnas Kennelklub, Sweden

DKCH Igucci: BB 3

Othella: Ex 2v
Judge: Gunner Nymann, DK


12 Juni
Mor: Bidachows Joyfull Joline leger med sin Søn: Quincy
Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny møder Penny og Rosa

Vi har Bidachows Quality Quincy og Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny på weekend, da Mannys "Far og Mor" skal giftes i dag. Stort tillykke


  June 6 th. in Norrköping, Sweden

Bidachows O'lovely Othella: BOB, C.C. & Cacib

Bidachows Irresistible Igucci: BB2 ( Igucci are the mother of Othella)

Judge: Urosevic Milivojo, Serbien.


Maj 29th,  Carlsberg Camping, DCCK's show


Kennel Bidachows breeder class


Hi from Finland

Bidachows Quality Qella, 9 month old

Bidachows Quality Smooth Qina, 9 month old

They lives with 2 more Bidachows dogs  at fam. Pesu's house.



Maj 20th.


Bidachows E- litter become 7 years to day

Congratulations to

Bidachows Smooth Eddy the Explore, Bidachows Smooth Elegant Effy.

Bidachows Elegant Elly, Bidachows  Elegant Eliza.

Hi from Bidachows Elegant Eliza. Petname" Claudia"

Maj 18th.

Happy Birthday

Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny:  2 years old


 Maj 10 th

Bidachows K-Kuld become 3 years to day

Big Congratulations

Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein "Kalle", Bidachows Kind  Kenzo, Høng.

Bidachows Kind Kappa, Smørum.Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani, Dragør.

Bidachows Kind Kody, Køge


Maj 3th,  A spring greetings from Finland

Bidachows Quality Qella & Bidachows Quality Smooth Qina


Maj 2th.

Bidachows Rock and Roll Ronaldo and Ludwig on a walk in nice area in Copenhagen


DKK Hillerød, May 1th.

Bidachows Joyful Jossie ch. kl.Ex 1 1 v.  BT2


Lingen, Tyskland, April 25th.

Bidachows O'Lovely Othella: BOB


11. April
We did take Rosa with visiting Ronja and her family. Thank you for some pleasant times


7. April

Rosa get her own page: look here


5 April, Easter

After a very nice lunch with the family, it was time to a walk with the dogs

 Marts 31th. on visit to Sallys family
Rosie is now call Sally and she lives with a Ara parrot, 1 cockatoo and a cat with the rest of the family.
28 Marts

On a visit at the famely Andersen and Bidachows Rock and Roll Roxan. Thanks for some vey nice time


28 marts
Bidachows Funky Fussy Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey Tullia, daugther of Hailey
Some nice photo from Ulfborg. Many thanks.


Malmø, Sweden, Marts 20th.

Kennel Bidachow: BOB & BOS


On a visit  in Qanna, Max and Elsebeth's home
Thanks Elsebeth.
DCCK's Show in  Herlufmagle, Marts 6th.

INTCH m.m. Bidachows Joyfull Jossie:BB4


DKK's show in Fredericia, Januar 30th.

Bidachos Jouful Jossie: BT4

DCCK's udstilling i Jægerspris , 23 Januar

Quinny and the judge


Januar 7th. - 8 th.


Bidachows O'lovely Othella: BOB

SECH DKCH Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: BB3

INTCH m.m Bidachows Joyful Jossie: BB4

Judge: Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist, S


Bidachows O'lovely Othella: Get C.C. & BB in Göteborg, Sweden.

INTCH m.m Bidachows Joyful Jossie: BB3

SECH DKCH Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: BB4


1. Januar

Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey become 5 year

Congratulations ( excuse the delay)