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December 28th.

The flying Othello with Joline

Bidachows  Own Black Othello on visit  with his family.


December 27th.

Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny , now 1½  year old, on a visit in Knabstrup


Nordisk Vinner 2009, Finsk vinner 2009 , Helsinki, Finland 12 - 13 December

Jossie best BB3 on Saturday , Judge: Mary B. Deats, GB

BB2 on Sunday, Judge: Tuula Pratt, F


Thanks to Riitta Ropponen, there is the breeder of Jossie father.for the very nice photo.


December 3th.

Bidachows R2 -Litter is born.

1 black male, 1 black girl, 2 red girls and 1 cinnamon girl

Gucci and the babys is fine

Sire: Bei - Wei Botai

See the litters own page


Local Christmas show in  Jægerspris, November 29 th.

Penny, Quinny and Quincy was the first time in a ring

It went well, they behaved all 3 with great confidence and enjoyed the attention they received.

Quincy was best baby male, Quinny 2nd baby girl, Penny 3nd baby girl

We had no of the human girls with us, so Lars and i has to show a baby girl each

Bidachows Quality Quincy

Judge: Agnete Nilsson, DK

Congratulations to Susanne, she had 24 years birthday and had chosen to go to Norway on a dogshow in Lillestrøm with Jossie. They become the 4 best bith.


November 20th.

Bidachows L-litter begome 2 years

Big Congratulations to

Bidachows Lord Luke the Smooth

Lord Leonardo the Smooth

Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy

Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy

Lovely  Lady Lizzy

November 19th.

Bidachows Smooth Semaldo become 12 years to day

He is the last one of the S- litter, born in 1997

Big hug to him and his famely.


November 14 th.

DCCK'S show in Sørbymagle and the best chow of the year 2009

INTCH NORDCH m.m. Bidachows Gentle Gibson: BOS


11 November

To day I-Litter become 4 year old

Congratulations:  IRasy; IBlue, IMarny, IKarny, IMaxy 

and IGucci, there will be a mother first in December


November 9th

Othello says" Hi" He's just been 1 year old


DKK show in Herning,  November 8th.

Gibson: BOS and DK vinner09


 Oktober 6th.

From Quincy, in Kalundborg  and his " big brother" Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny,

the lives with Rene and Dorthe in Dragør


 November 5th.

Bidachows O-Kuld become 1 year

Big hug

Bidachows Own Black Othello

Bidachows O'lovely Othella


November 3 th.

Bidachows J- Kuld becomme 3 year


INTCH DKCH SUCH NORDV08  Bidachows Joyful Jossie

Bidachows Joyful Joline , who just had have her first litter


Oktober 30 th.

Bidachows G-Kuld become 5 years

 Big Congratulations to

SUSH DKCH Bidachows Graceful Gipsy

SUCH Gentle Smooth Grizzly

Bidachows Gentle smooth Guy

Bidachows Gentle Gizmo

DKCH VDHCH Rostock jugendsieger 2005 - Jugendsieger Bayern 2006 Rostocksieger 2006

 Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby


Bidachows Gentle Gibson



Års d. 10. oktober

Susanne think that she also cute take this show to. Good thinking

Jossie become BOB

Othella got Vg, but in the most beautiful way handle by Susanne Danielsen ( thanks)

Judge: Peter L. Jensen. DK


Dog wold show i Bratislava, Oktober 8th.

Susanne bring INTCH DKCH SUCH Bidachows Joyful Jossie & Bidachows O'Lovely Othella

Jossie got Ex in Champion cl. & Othella got Ex i Junior cl.

Judge: Václarik Miroslaw, CZ

The day after  Oktober 9th. on the nationalt show:  Jossie got Ex in champion cl. & Othella Ex. i Junior cl

Judge: Vija Klucniece, LV


2 oktober

The family there should have Qanna is for personal reasons " been force to" say no thanks. Therefore we are looking for at family who want a smooth beautiful  chowgirl in the family.



DKK Brøndby,  September 19 & 20 th.


Kennel Bidachows: Best breeder class both days


September 13th.

Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nelly, born 18.08.2008  on a visit in Knabstrup

Nice kids, yes!

This litle lovely lady is also from the N-Litter

Bidachows Nicely Noella


Sofiero, Sverige,  September 12th.

This week it was DKCH NORDV08 KLBCH Bidachows Joyful Jossie luck and she got the C.C. and is now

Swedish Champion

She also becomme BOS on Sofiero. Just a quick trip with her and Susanne.

Judge: Hans Almgreen, S

Øland, Sweden,  September 6 th

DKCK KLBCH Bidachows Funky Frida: BOB and C.C. now Swedish Champion

Big congratulations and thanks  Jessie Revel & Tom Sørensen


September 6 th

See Penny from P-Litter and the litter Q


 August 23th.

See Penny from P-Litter and the litter Q


August 18th

Bidachows N-Litter 1 år   today

Big congratulations to:

 Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nelly - Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nomy - Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nima

 Bidachows Nicely Noella - Bidachows Nicely Naya - Bidachows Nicely Nala


August 16 th., DKK show in Hillerød

BIS: DKCH NORDV08 Bidachows Joyful Jossie



15 august

Then came Jolines puppies, 1 boy and 4 girls. The birth wnet well and mother and pups are doing well

Look on puppies page


10 August

Bidachows Pretty (maybe Smooth) Penny Born  August  10th.

Look on Pennys page

Gabby was on 10 & 11 June inseminated with Gürkan Tar Hem Spelet. An examination of the semen showed that
were not life in the sperm. But Gabby began anyway around 5 weeks, showing signs of pregnancy.
A blood sample, said no - not pregnant. But Gabby would it different. Today Penny was taken by Caesarean
after a very nerve-racking weekend where nothing happened. I am so happy that our visit to Moffat gave bonus.

Gurkans tar hem Spelet ( Moffatt)

Moffatt & Gabby

August 10 th.


Joines last week at a pregnat, now we just weit.


27 Juli

Joline 6 weeks pregnant




SECH Bidachows Gentle Smooth  Grizzly & Bidachows Joyful Joline, expecting puppies  around August 16 th 2009

Grizzly's HD status: A - AD: 0  &  Joline's HD status: B - AD 0


July 10 th.

Today Bidachows Zar Zappa ( Kenzo) becom 9 years old,

he walk every day, and has no age-related diseases.

  Chanette has make a special cake  to celebrate the day




DCCK & DKK,  Bornholm  July 4  & 5 th

Only Susanne and some of the girls is at the show

Best result saturday:

 DKCH Bidachows Funky Frida: Klubcert. Nu klubchampion

Congratulations to the owner: Jessie Revel & Tom Sørensen

Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly: BB4

Judge: Gerd Christensen, DK

Sunday result:

Nothing to write about

Judge: Birgitte Gothen; DK


Pitå, Sverige d. 4 Juli

Finch SECH Bidachows Inspire Irasy: Best dog  nr.2

Judge: Tuula Tammelin, DK



Gällivare, Sweden, June 28th.

Finch Bidachows Inspire Irasy: BOB, C.C.&  Cacib. Now also a Svedish Champion

Judge: Nina Karlsdotter, Sv



DCCK, Lundeborg and clubmaster show,  Juni 20th

DKCH Bidachows Joyful Jossie, become clubmaster on that day

( even trough she came in a bikini)


DKK Vejen, Juni 13 14th.

DKCH Bidachows Irresistible IGucci: Bedste tæve 2


Den 7 Juni i Neumünster , Tyskland

SECH DKCH Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: BOS & Cacib  Now International Champion

BIG Congratulations to the owner: Margaretha Nilsson, Sweden

Thanks for showing her

Judge: Wolfgang Heine, D

Present was also:

Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy  &  Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue, both smooth.


DCCK's show in Fjellerad, May 23 th.

Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly get the first C.C. and become BB2.   

 Only  the second time she been show in denmark, after we get her back in Marts


20 May

Bidachows E-Litter become 6 year to day

Big congratulations to:


Bidachows Elegant Eliza

Bidachows Elegant Elly
Bidachows Smooth Eddy The Explore
Bidachows Smooth Elegant Effy
Sire: DKCH SECH DEVDHCH DECH INTCH  Bidachows A-Smooth Aslan

Dam: DKCH SECH  Velvet Macy V. Juttersburch


19 May

Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nomy, a day on the beach, now 9 months old


19 Maj

Othello to training, Othello is now 6 months old and  doing so well.



18. May

Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny, 1 year

Manny was the only puppie in the litter

Sire: Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein - Dam: Bidachows Irresistible IGucci


 Maj 10 th.

Kennel Bidachows K-litter 2 years to day


Bidachows Kind Kody

Bidachows Kind Kenzo


Bidachows Kind Kappa


Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani


Bidachows Kind Smooth Kyle Kilbourn


Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein( our Kalle)


DKK Aalborg, May 2 th.

SECH DKCH Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: BOB, CACIB and Qualified to Gruft


27 April

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy who daily live in Sweden, started to track
Here it is a foot that is "" booty ".
Lizzy is also to Rally, a dog sport with obstacles runway. She is trained to find mushrooms in the forest.
Lizzy is a beautiful example of that having a smooth Chow who want challenges


April 26 th

Bidachows F-Litter become 5 years to day

Bidachows Funky Fussy,

DKCH Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy,

DKCH Bidachows Funky Frida &

Bidachows Funky Fanny

Happy  Birthday


Hedensted  April 18 th.

Only Jossie and Susanne was there to day, but Jossie make us very proud

She becomme BOB

Judge: Kim V. Nielsen, Dk.



April 14 th.

A small Easter greeting from Manny and Rene, enjoying life


April 2009,

Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nelly at traning She has no leash on, because she comes when she is called


DCCK's Show in Gjern. April 4 th.

DKCH Bidachows Joyful Jossie: Ex 1 v. club C.C.

judge: Phillip Behan, Irl.


Show in Malmø,  Marts 22 th.

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy:  BIR, C.C. Cacib
Sweden vinner09

Owner: Ann Märtensson, Sverige

Judge : Gunner Nymann, DK


 Marts 22 th.

Where also the day where we get Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly back home.

Several thing did, that she would no longer be with the owner in Sweden.

The owner agreed that she would be best getting back to us.

Lilly is the sister of Lizzy and Lucy - the little sister of Gabby and Gibson.

She is playful, cheerful and  with a super temperament- It is so nice that she is back.


Marts 20 th.

Velvet Macy v Juttersburg "Macy" become 10 years to day
Unfortunately, she has been very dementia over the last few months.
She makes a great deal of noise and want our company all the time,
food is also something she is been willing to fight for.  Very unlike Macy ordinary creature.
We got her in a project at KVL. She will try used a medicine for Parkinson's patients and demented people.
We only hope now that it can help her.


Marts 8 th


Greeting from Sweden - Lulu  15 months old 

DCCK Herlufmagle, Februar 28th.

DKCH NORDV Bidachows Joyful Jossie: BOB


February 20th.


Bidachows Nicely Noella, 6 mdr. old

Februar 14 th. DKK Fredericia

Susanne og Gibson


On the show in Fredericia


Bidachows Nicely Nala and her family came to say" Hi"


februar 11th.

Othello in snow , lives now in Taastrup


 februar 11th.

Bidachows O'lovely Othella 14 weeks


26 Januar

Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nima, a very cute smooth girl from the N-Litter

Lives now in Viborg

DCCK Jægerspris - Januar 24th.

DKCH Nordv08 Bidachows Joyful Jossie: BOS

Bidachows Joyful Joline: C.C. BB3

Judge Eli-Marie Klepp, N


 Januar 10th.


The family from Ulfborg

Bidachows  Hot  smooth Hailey (Holly), Bidachows Funky Fussy and Thulia,

there is a daugther of Haily & Gibson


Göteborg , Sverige den 6 Januar

Bidachow Graceful Gipsy: BOB on the day- first time in champion class

Judge: Lena Stålhandske, S


Göteborg, Sweden,  Januar 5th.

 Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: BOB C.C vinner, so now she is a Swedish & Danish champion

Judge: Niels Molin, S

Congratulations to the owner: Margaretha Nilsson, Sweden

Gipsy is a big sister to Lulu down under

5 Januar

Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly (Lulu), a beautiful young lady in the new adult coat