News 2008

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 December 28 th.


We have visited Nelly and her family, we bring Othello with  us.
We say thank you to some very nice times and Othello sleep the rest of the evening.


December 10th.

New photo on O-litter own page


 December 10th.

En lille jule hilsen fra Bidachows Kind Kody der bor i Køge



December 9th.

 Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nelly on 14 weeks and Sonja, wish you a Merry Christmas


December 7th.


Photos of Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny first meeting with Chistmas


 December 7th.


We have been visiting  Bidachows Karl Kilborn, now known as Chang, and his family.


30 November

Local Christmas show in Jægerspris

The best breeder class on the day


November 20th.

Kennel Bidachows L-litter become 1 year to day

Big Congratulations to :

Lucy, Lizzy, Lilly ( Lulu), Luke og Leonardo(Nanok)



November  11th.

Kennel Bidachows S-litter become11year

there are 3 left from the litter of 5

Stacy  live with us, Semaldo & Sirocco( Charlie)

Happy birthday

Stacy 11 år


DCCK Erritsø,November 15th.

Last show this year & Chow of the year 2008

Gibson: Chow of the year nr. 2


November 11 th.

Kennel Bidachows I -Litter become 3 years

Congratulations to:


IKarny, IMarny, IRassy, IBlue, IMaxi & IGucci


DKK show in Herning  November  8th.

BOB:  JunVv08 Nord junv08 Nordv08 Orinell's Ego Trip - BOS: DKCH Nordv08:Bidachow Joyful Jossie

Judge: Luis Pinto, Portugal


O-Litter, born: November 5th.

1 black girl & 1 red girl


November 3 th.

Kennel Bidachows J-Litter become 2 years

Happy Birthday to:

Jossie & Joline

November 2th. , Växjö, Sveden

Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: C.C. BB2  res. cacib


Bidachows Joyful Jossie::Ex 2v.

Judge: Elsbeth Clere, Schweiz


November 1th.

Father to be: Orinells Ego Trip

Gucci, 1 more week to go

Oktober 30th.

Our G-Litter become 4 years to day

This litter has acieved the following titles


Rostock jugendsieger 2005 - Jugendsieger Bayern 2006 Rostocksieger 2006

Congratulations to:

Grizzly, Gizmo, Gibson, Guy, Gipsy  og  Gabby




Some photo of  Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny and his life


12 Oktober Rostock, Tyskland 12 Oktober 2008

Lars, Susanne and Chanette went early Sunday morning and got very good results with home


DKCH Bidachows Irrestistible Igucci: BOS with VDHCH, CACCH CACIB  and new title: Rostocksieger 2008

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy: Jun VDHch,  Best Junior & Junior Rostocksieger 2008


Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: VDHCH open cl

Bidachows Kalvin Klein: Ex 3 v.

Judge: Erwin Deutscher, A


 11 Oktober, DCCK's Fuglebjerg udstilling

Bidachows Graceful Gipsy: get C.C. and BOS

Gipsy lives in Sweden at Kennel Minella  v/ Margaretha Nilsson

Big Congratulations to the owner

Today Lars turns 60 years and on Monday he is no longer in work outside the home


28 September,  Eckerö , Finland

Gibson begome BOB, get C.C., cacib is now a Finish and Nordic champion


Jossie become best bitch get C.C,cacib BOS

A big thanks to Jouni and Aoey who make  a miracle, so the chow become last in the showring

and ther bay Susanne get to the ring in time. 


  September 20 th., DKK Ballerup

Kennel Bidachow get a new Danish Champion

DKCH Bidachows Irresistible IGucci


August 31th . Visby, Sverige


Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly get the first C.C. and become BB2

Judge: 9 months old bitch. Cute feminine head. Well-carried ears. Beautiful "l dry eyes. Good muzzle. Well-bodied, excellent bone. Cat paws.Enough angles behind. Moves really well. Friendly temperament. Good fur."

Judge : Per Erik Wallin, S

Big Congratulations to the owner:

 Caroline Warnie de Humelghem , S


Local show , August  30 th.

Bidachows Joyfull Jossie BIS 2

Only beaten by a Basset Hound

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci  reached the semifinals

Judge: Finn Lange, DK


DCCK's  show in Hillerød,  August 23th.

Kennel Bidachow: Best bredder class

For once, there were 4 breeder class

Judge: Carsten Birk, DK


August 18 th.

Gabby gave birth this  the morning 6 girls, some of a dream litter

when I as a breeder, very much like to keep a girl from this new and exciting combination

Sire Pei Fang  Red Bazuka

Look on the littes page


 August 10 th.


Gabby 8 week pregnat.

We look forward to see the puppys

Den 1 August


                       Gabby is now 6 ½ weeks pregnant and I can feel the puppys


Kenzo has been cut summer, he enjoys it and he is  like he was a youg dog again.




We expected puppies ca. August 18 th. 2008

Sire: Pei Fang Red Bazuka ( from Sweden)

Dam: DKCH Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby

Gabby  38 days pregnat


Bornholm 13 Juni

Again a grat day

Gibson : BOS

Jossie got his the second  C.C. & BB2

Lucy: best puppie

Kalle: very good

Judge: Anna Indergaard, N 


July 13 th.



On the doublet show in Oulu, Finland

Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy become BOS with C.C. and is now Finnish Champion

Judge: Elina Haapaniemi, SF

Big Congratulations to the owner: Family Pesu


Bornholm 12 juli

Great day for Kennel Bidachow

 Gibson : BOB on both show to day  & BIS 3  both times

Jossie got the first C.C. & BOS on the last show to day

Kalle:  Best junior on the last show to day & BIS 3 junior

 Lucy: best puppie on the last show to day  & BIS 3 puppie

Photo later on

Judge: 1 show.: Liz-Beth Liljequist, S

Judge 2 show: Karin Granaas Hansen, N


Oulu in Finland July 12 th.



Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy becomme BOS with C.C. - Cacib

Judge: Denis Kuzelj from Slovenia

 Congratulations to the owner: Pirkko Pesu

Wold Dog Show 2008

Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: Ex. 2 v Intermediate class.


Lundeborg on Fyn, Juni 21th.

 INTCH DKCH SECH JUBV07 Bidechows Gentle Gibson : BIR & Nellwoods Yu-Lin: BIM

Judge:  Niels Arne Tørslev, S


 June 1 th.

 2 sisters: Bidachows Joyfull Joline & Bidachows Joyfull Jossie

born  november 3th. 2006


31 Maj , Neümunster, Tyskland

DKCH Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby get VDH cert.  and is now  VDH Champion


30 Maj


Uor U-litter bercome 9 years to day

Big congratulations to: :

"Bidachows Up-to-day Utan: "Charlie", Bidachows Up-to-day Uman:"Plys", Bidachows Up-to-date Una,

Bidachows Up-to-day Uno"Yang"



May 29th.

Now we have Kalles official status  from the Danish Kennel Club

HD.: A  - AD.:1


20 Maj


Our E- litter begome  5 years to day

Congratulations to:

Effy, Elly, Eliza og Eddie


Maj 18 th.

This night Gucci become a mother of 1 red malepuppy, they are both well

We got her X-ray, but he is a only child.

The proud father: Kalle

See the puppy one page


Maj  16 th.

Only 5 weeks after Quark had a operation in the lips removed a big tumor, is come back, he swollen up, it was in his lymph

He was 11 years and almost seven month

Only 1 week ago we said goodbye to Holly

 - it is so difficult  even it was old dogs.

Maj 10 th.

 I just get a call from Sweden

Bidachows Gentle Smooth Grizzly .

Get the last C.C. to day - he is now a Swedish  Champion


Grizzly: BOB

A big Congratulations to Ann & Jan Märtensson, Sweden



 Maj  10th.

Our K-Litter with all the "designerboys"  ( 6 stk.) becomme 1 year to day

Congratulations to:

Karl Kani, Kyle Kilborn, Kalvin Klein( ours Kalle) Kappa, Kenzo og Kody


 Maj 10th.

 A beautiful sommer morning we put Holly to sleep. 13 years 1 month 1 day old. We will always keep her in our heart.

She was so gentle and soft, she was our first smooth  and the start of the Bidachow smooth line.


May 8 th.


Bidachows Graceful Gipsy becomme a mother for the 2. time, May 6th., 3 males & 3 girls

Same as last time, Sire: Bei Wei Botai

Congratulations to Margaretha Nilsson in Sverige

Wälkommen to Minillas Kennel


06 Maj

As some thing new, we have made a little agility range, in the garden

Dogs og girls like very must, maybe some day there will be progress to see Clik here


Maj 4 th.  in Dortmund

Kalle get Jun. VDH ch & Jun. CAC and become Europajugendsieger 2008

Gabby  get  rec. VDH ch in champion classe In Dortmund  that  count for 1 VDH ch.

Judge:  Wolfgang Heine, D


May 4 th.

Meet my new Chow-  he is esay - but a bit quiet

Some very good freinds bring is to me from the Nederlands.


DKK Hillerød,  May  3 th.

Bidachows Joyfull Jossie: Mell kl. ex. 2 v

Judge: Kurt Nilsson, S

And again we becomme nr 2 in the grup we entre. But the new system does, you are finsh on the day

                      I miss that old system were some tension  still will be on, lots af people is packing og goes from the show now.         And only few is left to BOB & BOS


April 27th.

We has been on a visit to Karl Kani and his family. He is  a extensive good-looking representant for the smooth Chower

We says thanks for a nice day


 April 22 th.

Bidachows Irresistibel IGucci is pregnat. The birth will be ca. Maj 18th.

There is not so must to see yet.  But Gucci have a great time

The parents to be: IGucci og Kalle



April 18 th.

A very nice springday in the garden, the dogs loves it

I manages to get 1 photo of Kalle with alle 4 legs standing


 April 9th

DKCH SECH VET.VDHCH Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine



 "Holly" get to be 13 years

She is a older lady now- the hindlegs is not the best - but her ears, eyes and head is stille super

She is still  the  " first lady"  in this house.

She is the mother of 4 litters, She was the start of smoothbreeding.

We have in the house 2 of her daughters, 3 grandchildern,1 grand grand child


DCCK Gjern,  April 5 th.


Amanda and Sophie best juniorhandler 1 & 2

See more from the show

Dommer: Rajko Rotnar, SLO


BOB.BIG.BIS-2 puppie

Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly

Marts 29th.

She did it!
On her first show ever in Sollentuna, Sweden, Lulu charmed the judge Ann-Marie Maeland


Kreds 10 Næstved,  Marts 21 th.

Luke & Lucy's  first show

Judge: Tomio Fujihata, Japan


Malmø, Sweden, Marts 15 th.

INTCH DKCH SECK JUBV07 Bidachows Gentle Gibson som BIR

Judge  Horst Kliebenstein, D


Februar 23th.

 On visit at Leonardo (now Nanok) and his family


No it is only Tanya who look for a new family

Interested can call  0045 5927 3410




Tanya og Thulla stay temporary in Knabstrup, looking for a nice family to them

Interested can call  0045 5927 3410


DKK Show in  Odense,  February 16 th.

It look like dogdancing...but it not

Judge: Gunnel Holm, Finland


28 January

click on the picture to enlarge


Smooth baby girls for sale in Ulfborg.

Phone 0045 9749 1997

Look the puppies one page


27 January

New site with Bidachows Champion


DCCK's Show in Jægerspris ,  January26 th.


The best result: INTCH DKCH SECH KLBCH JUBV07 Bidachows Gentle Gibson: ex. 2 vinner in Ch. cl

Judge: Henrik Søborg, DK


 Januar 25 th.

 Lucy has got her own page


 Januar 22th.

To day we had to put Teddy to sleep, after a long time with lose of weight, very bad days.

He had cancer in the stomach/ liver.

He vil forever being memory by his gentle and soft personality 


Kajaani International Show in Finland. Januar 5 th.


 Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy: BOS &  CACIB

Judge: Philip Behan, Irland


Göteborg, Sverige  Januar 5th. 2008

Orinell's Cute Carmen become BOS on the day and got new titles:


Congratulation to Mette Maj and her family  

Gibson become Bedst dog nr. 4

Judge: Kurt Nilsson , S


Göteborg, Sweden, January 4 th. 2008

DKCH SECH KLBCH JUB07 Bidachows Genlte Gibson BOB + CACIB

Now he is a international champion

Bidachows Gentle Smooth Grizzly: C.C.+ BD3

Judge : Ferelith Sommerfield.UK


January 1 th

We always goes to the beach new years day

the dogs enjoy it.