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Show in Stockholm  december 16th.

Bidachows Graceful Gipsy get C.C. & cacib


Very nice everywhere. Good condition, good coat, nice expression, good neck, lovely tailset. Move really well both ways

Judge Sheila Jakeman, UK


December 3 th.

Kenzo become a father of a litte born at  Kennel Peli in Skanderborg, Oktober 6th.

Here are the litte 8 weeks old and ready to move to new home, except the sweet black bitch,

 she stay at Kennel Peli


November 29 th.


Bidachows Gentle Gibson become father to a litter of 6 girls & 1 male

Dam: Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey, there lives in Ulfborg with Eva og John Smidt

Smooth puppies will be in this combination

the family's phone nr. +45 9749 1997

Congratulations to them all

Se puppies site


November 20 th.

Cassy getting a litter tonight

2 black males, 1 red & 2 red girls, 1 black girl

This litter is after equal combination that ours  G - litter


Pei Fang Midnight Zeb

See puppies page



November 19 th.

Bidachows Smooth Stacy blecome 10 years to day

Sire: Bidachows Quick Quark( 11 år ) - Dam Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine ( 12½ år)

Big Congratulations to the rest of the S-litter


Last show 2007 in Sørbyhallen

We had a british judge, he don't like the type we had and especially ours smooth.

 I could write up far more, however fail to do that , just notes that I don't  enter a show in Denmark with english judges anymore. Big disappointment

But in the " Chow of the year 2007"

we become

DKCH SECH KLBCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson:

 Chow of the year nr 2

     DKCH Rostock jugendsieger 2005 - Jugendsieger Bayern 2006 Rostocksieger 2006      

Bidachows Gracefull Smooth Gabby

Chow of the year  nr. 4 & Best smooth 2007


11 November 11 th to some showtraning

there was Kappa and  Kyle( now Chang) from ours K-litterthe boys is 6 mdr. old

And of course our Kalle

Kalle & Kappa & Chang






10 November

Ve visit Bidachows Kind Kody at home

6 mounth old


DKK Herning  November 4 th.


So we went  to Herning and Gibson had fortunately got the tail in place

However it was Gabby , there getting todays best resultse

Judge: Mona Selbach, Norge

Växjö, Sverige ,  November 3 th.

Vi were taken the long way to Sweden up nord early morning and arrived to Tipshall in Växjö, when Gibson  get injure by the tail and it is not possible for him to keep it up enter the showring- soo he get only first price in champion class

Gabby become nr. 4 in open class - nothing to write home about , so instead of photo from the day,  there a photo of  sister Gipsy, there were so very pretty in her new coat after had the puppies , she become nr. 3 in open class.

Judge: Clare Coxall,UK.



November 1 th.

Cassy 6 weeks pregnat


Oktober 24th.


Bidachows Charming Smooth Cassy expect puppies, ultimo November

 after a date with SCH DKCH Pei Fang Midnight Zeb

They are the parents of the G-litter. with

DKCH Rostock jugendsieger 2005 - Jugendsieger Bayern 2006 Rostocksieger 2006 

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby & DKCH SECH  JUBV07 Bidachows Gentle Gibson


Den 20 Oktober

My old , however still highly good-looking boy becomes 11 years today

Here photographer at his favourite place " our bed"

It is something quite special by Quark,  he was so very ill when he was young and nobody belive that he should grow old. He stills walks every day. He can still tell me if the bitch are in highseason.


Oktober  13 th.

"We and our dogs" messe in Brøndbyhallen 

Danish Chow Chow club had a stand and on Saturday we vent ,with Amanda and Sophie as handler to the match there should happen  later on that day.


Sophie with Gabby on  the stage in the first heat


Oktober 6 th.

Hip Hip Hurra

Kenzo become a father at kennel Peli, Skanderborg

2 blue male, 1 black male, 1 black girl & 1 cinnamon girl

Dam: Pelis Kia of Flensborg

DCCK Show in Fuglebjerg, Oktober 6 th.

A new place to show, but is was a nice place, good space and very good parking

Gabby BB2

Judge: Wolfgang Heine, D



DKK Show in Brøndby, September 16 th.

Vi were there , however there's nothing to write about , no fine titles,  Not even a CK was we able to get

The Judge: Ole Staunskjær. DK

Choosen at the day a type there were very heavy, not the the type we have, we do not agree about the day result. The largest surprise was  Orinell's Coll Casanova become BD4, a good-looking quality black male, he just have placed BIS in a large show in Ballerup


DCCK's show in Rougsø, September  8 th.

Judge: Peter Harsanyl, H


DCCK Hillerød,  August 18 th.

NEW champion

DKCH Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy

Congratulations to the owner :: Gunner og Helle Rasmussen

and thanks for showing him

Bidachows Gentle Smooth  Grizzly: 1 op 3 v

Judge: Charlotte N. Jensen. DK


DKK Vejen, August 12 th.

Once again a very good day for Gibson: 1 ch 1 v ck BD CACIB & BOS

Judge: Christian Leneuf, F


DKK Vejen, August 11 th.

Gibson: 1 ch 1 v ck BD CACIB BOS

Judge: Per Svarstad, Sek.



Finland, Rovaniemi, August 11th. 

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue: BOB

Judge:  Riitta Lahtovaara.

Congratulations to the owner : Pirkko & Pekka Pesu

The famely visit a very special place in the city." Santas place " in Rovaniemi is by the Arctic Circle


Finland, Kuopio August 05th.

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Irasy: Excellent 1 Best Male 2 Res-CAC

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue: Very Good 2

Judge: Boo Lundström (SWE)

It was the first time in the showring for the boys

Thanks to Riitta Ropponen for the photos


Tvååker, Sveden July 13 - 14 th.

July 13 th.

Gibson becomme BOB & BIG 5

IGucci: 1 intermediate class 2 v

Judge: Göran Bodegård, S

  July 14 th.

Gibson:  1 ch 1 v ck BH3

IGucci:1 intermediate class 2 v

 Judge: Marit Sunde, S


Bornholm June 30th.  - July 1 th

Gibson become BOB & BIS 3 on Saturday


France July 23/24


has been in a show in Mantes La Jolie, ca. 50 km. from Paris

                                 Saturday there was 56 chower , judge: Christian Leneuf, France

Basse become nr 3 and the best SMOOTH

                                Sunday there was 17 chower , judge: Claude Voilet, France.

Basse become nr 2 in champion class..No smooth class that day.

well done and thanks to the owner:: Gitte Daae


Lundeborg d. 23 Juli

Gibson nr. 2 as clubmaster

Judge: Marie Kurovå, Tjekkiet



DKK Ballerup June 16 th.

 Bidachows Joyfull Joline: Best Puppie

Judge: Rainer Vuorinen, SF


Juni 3 th. Neumünster

Igucci become best bitch and get VDHCH, CAC, CACIB  BOS

DKCH SECH  VDHECH  INTCH  CACCH  Bidachows A Smooth Aslan: Best in Ehrenklasse, BD2

Gibson become best championmale and get VDHCH, 

Judge: Hr.Kleinheisterkamp, D


May 26 th. in Fjellerad

Igucci become BOS and get the C.C.& BIS in Intermediate class.

Foxy become BD2 and get C.C..

Judge:: Gillian Claxton.UK


 Maj 10 th.

Gabby had puppies to night, 1 cinnamon & 5 rede, all males

Sire :

L JCH,  Europajugensieger 07, DCHJGKLB: Bei Wei Botai


See puppies page


Maj 5 th.

Sister Gipsy in Sweden got 5 puppies, 2 male and 3 girls

Mother and the puppies are all fine


Gabby 54 days pregnat. She is fine, she has put on 30 cm.


DKK  show in Hillerød April 30 th.

SECH DKCH KLUBCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson: BD 2 + res. CACIB

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci : BB4

Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp, Norge


DKCH  Rostock jugendsieger 2005 - Jugendsieger Bayern 2006 Rostocksieger 2006

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby expect puppies ca. May 13 th.

The proud father to be : Bei-Wai Botai

Gabby's sister in Sweden Bidachows Graceful Gipsy also expect puppies just 1 week before Gabby

the same sire.


Gibson's son

Beijing's  Lee-Hei Duan Tou Fa, 6½week.

Dam: DKCH Beijing's Gajing Duan Tou Fa


DCCK's show in  Gjern Marts31 th.

We got 2 clubchampion on the same day

SECH DKCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson got the title very fast: 4 time best in championclass

DKCH SECH Velvet Macy v Juttersburch now 8 years old, got hers on the same day

Macy is a older lady and she preferred to stay at home that way we don't show her so must.

Judge: Kim Vigsø Nielsen, DK


Berlin, Marts 24 th.

1 ch 1v VDH CH res. CAC BD2

Judge: Waltraud Reibert, D


Malmø, Sverige,  Marts  18 th.

Gibson : 1ch 1 v ck BD2 res cacib

Gabby: 1 op 2 v ck BB2 res. cacib

Judge: Marta Heine, D

It was a bit diappoint, the dream was, Gabby should have the title SECH before she will be holding a break from the showring, she has been match, but a German black bitch was just befor her.


DCCK Herlufmagle Marts  3 th.


Gabby : BOB& Gibson: BOS

Judge: Miroslaw Redliccy, Pl


February 23 th.

Gibson becomme a father

1 red malepuppie

Dam: Dkch Beijing Gajing Duan Tou Fa


DKK Odense February 17 th.

DKCH SCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson BD 2 res. CAIB

Judge: Niels Molin, Sweden


DCCK's first show : Januray 27 th. in Jægerspris

SCH DKCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson:  BOB


DKCH SCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson will be a father in the end of Februay

DKCH Beijings Gajing Duan Tou Fa has been scannet

expect birth ca. Februar 24 th.


 Januar 5th. in Göteborg, Sweden

BOB: SCH DKCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson
BOS: SCH Sihn-Jin's Chow Beauty Remona
Judge: O'Brian Vincent, IR
Januar 4th. Göteborg, Sweden

BOB SCH DKCH Bidachows Gentle Gibson
BOS: SCH ( on the day ) Sihn-Jin's Chow Beauty Remona


BB3:Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby
Judge: Hans vd. Berg, NL



Bidachows Joyfull Joline

has now her own site