News in the family 2006

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December 26 th. 2006

Some use this day to relaxing - some doring this

Dam:: DKCH Beijing Gajing Duan Tou Fa

Sire: DKCH SCH  Bidachows Gentle Gibson


Stockholm December 9th.

Susanne, Yasin , Gibson & Gabby  went to on a weekend in Stockholm

Gibson: 1 ch 3 v ck

Gabby: 1op 2 v ck

Judge: Michael Leoard, Irland



See photos of Bidachows Zar Zappa "Kenzo"&  Fuh Thu Chows Elenora, "Nanna" 's puppies


KU Sjællands Local Christmas show2006:

DKCH SCH Velvet Macy V Juttersburch

BOS, Best Red, Best smooth

Judge: Carsten Birk, DK


DCCK 's Last show November 18 th.

First time Gibson going in Champion class:


Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy: 1 op 1 v. ck BD4

DKCH SCK VDHCH KLBCH Bidachows A Smooth Aslan: 1 ch. 4 v ck

DKCH Bidachows Funky Frida: 1 ch 3 v ck

Bidachow Irrisistible IGucci: 1 jun. 2 v. sl

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby: 1 op 3 v ck

Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine "Holly" 11½ year old 1 vet. 1 v ck. BB5

Best breeder class

Judge write : Grup in 4 combinations, the breeder has susces to hole the type, the size and the very good movement. This show that the breeder knows what she is during. Big congratulations.

This time there was 2 breeder class

Judge: Sten Åkesson, S

Best male/bicth in the year 2006.

Bidachows Funky Frida  nr. 3

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby nr.. 4

Best veteran: DKCH SCH Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine

Best Smooth bicth 2006 :

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby


November 11 th

I -litter 1 year Congratulations

Wold Dog Show in Poznan, Polen November  9 th.

Susanne was to that event in Poland with IGucci and Gabby

 They both begome nr. 2 in there class

 IGuccis in Junior class, there was 9 enter

Gabby in open class there was 11enter

There were ca.200 Chows enter.

"However near by and nearly, but nothing."

Judge: Zivile Povilaitiene





Växjö Sverige November 5th.

Bidachows Gentle Gibson: BOB

Judge : F. Sommerfield. UK

Now he is a Dnaish and Swedish champion, 2 years 6 days old

He was in the show ring first time May 6 th. 2006

He has 4 danish C.C. & 3 Swedish C.C. 3 X BOB

He has3 Cacib'er

1 VDH ch 1 CAC from Germany

In Sweden vas also

IGucci: 1 young cl 1 v

Gabby: 1 op 3 v ck BB4


DKK Herning Show  November 4 th.

Gibson: 1 op 2v ck

Gabby: 1 op 1 v ck BT2

Price of honour in breeding

Judge write :

A fin breeder class with 2 male of very good size and 2 very feminin bitch, all with very good health and typical dogs in a very good standard.

Judge: Charlotte N. Jensen. Dk


November 3 th

Bidachows Bright Britny  the Smooth had a litter

1 male & 2 girls. The Birth took 1 hour

Mother and babys are all fine. Who is a smooth?

Sire: Bei Wai Botai. red, import from Finland

J- Litter page


Oktober 30 th

Congratulate to the G-litter 2 year to day


Hannover d. 29 Oktober

Gibson: BOB & BIG3

The day before Gibson & Gabby 2 years birthday

Best bitch open class + Ch VDH


Judge: Waltraud Reibert, D


Oktober  23 th.

Bidachows Zar Zappa "Kenzo", blue, HD A/ AD 2

become a father for the second time, 8 puppies ind the litter, 5 male- 3 girls all black

Dam: Fuh Thu Chow's Elenora, "Nanna" black, HD A/ AD 1

Kennel Fuh Thu Chow v/ Niels & Tove Larsen, phone 0045 5946 4140.


Bidachows Quick Quark

10 years to day

Quark get very sick 2½ years old, he got bloodpoison and it attack his heart. No body
could say, if he survive. But after a long time, he did, Now her is gentle and sweet again
But some thing vent wrong with his coat, he does chance it enymore and nothing new will come.


But he is so sweet and nice. In the daily life hes lives wiht Macy and his daughter Britny

we are so happy that he now is 10 years old

His daughter Britny expect puppis around  November 8 th.

Sire: is the very young Bei-Wei Botai, from Finland, now lives with Aase Nikolaisen, Jægerspris


Blovstrød Oktober 14 th.

Gibson: 1 intermediate class 3.v

Foxy: 1 op. 3 v

DKCH Frida: 1 ch 3 v

IGucci: 1 young class 2 v

Gabby: 1 op. 3 v

We put op a breeder class, though that the prices that day, was not the very best. The judge whrite about the dogs:

All dogs have very good skelet structure, good clean eyes, well placed thick ears, movement typical chowmovement, very healtry breedning and showing.

Price of honour in breeding

Dommer Pat Lawson, GB

Time for a big hug



Gabby: BOB and Rostocksieger 2006

Gabbys cups

Gibson: res.CAC res.CACIB res.VDHch

IGucci: SG 1

Judge: Paolo Gusberti, CH


Belgiums Chow Club 75 years jubileeshow

Gabby become BOB

There  was 108 chower from a lot of different countrins, some of the  " topdogs" from showrings was present, but in the end  Gabby was BOB.

IGucci with the judge

Judge Bill Buell, USA

Famous judge and breeder of both smooth and rough Chow.


DCCK Rougsø D. September 23 th.

Gibson : 1 intermediate class  3 v


Frida: 1 ch. 4 v. ck

IGucci: 1 young 1 v. sl

Bidachows Hot Smooth Haiely: 3 intermediate class

Gabby: 1 op. 4 v

Price of honour in breeding

The judge write:

"The dogs standing in front of me are a bit different in type and diffrent in colour, but the type is f excellent quality. They have the good expression, typical ears and tail and feet. With good expression. I would congratulate the breeder with the results"


Judge: Rita van Mechelen, Belgien

After the show Gabby, IGucci og Susanne went to Belgium with Rex Müller og Muscho to a jubileeshow, there will be over 100 chow present, we hope the judge will like the Danish chows.


DKK Ballerup September 16 th.

Gibson : 1 intermediate class. 2 v ck

Grizzly: 1 intermediate class 3 v. ck

Frida: 1 ch. 2 v. ck BB4

Gabby: 1 intermediate class 3v

Judge: Martin Croeser, South Africa

This was a judge, who no't like the smooth very most, he prefer to judge them smooth by smooth alóne. Perhaps his dreamdogs went in the direction of lost of coat. The BOB dog and KBH vinner2006 was a very young male with a lot af puppiecoat.

Gabby think" It is nice to be home again , so I can relax in the sofa with my mother  Cassy"


Dogs day in Tivoli  D.  september 3th.

look at more photo


Bidachows Gentle Smooth Grizzly

on a show in Sweden D. September 2 th.


Bidachows Graceful Gipsy

22 md. old lives in Sweden  at kennel MiNillas



Gabby got her  3 C.C. in Denmark, but she is still to young to be a champion + BB2

IMarny: 1 young 3 v.

Foxy: 1 op. 1 v ck BD3

Gibson got his first 2. price.

DKCH Frida also got a 2 price but in champion class

IGucci also a 2  price along with 37 others chows on the day

We placed a breeder class and the judge were very pleased with the smooth.

Price of honour in breeding

Judge: Mick Cole, GB


20 August ,Nyköping Sweden

Bidachows Gentle Gibson: 1 mell v. ck C.C.  BD1 CACIB BOB

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci: 1 young class, price of honour

Judge:Maija Mäkinen, Finland

25 Chows entre


August 19,Norrköping Sweden

Susanne and Yasin is in Sweden this weekend with  Gibson og IGucci, it is the first time they are in Sweden

Bidachows Gentle Gibson: 1 mell v. ck C.C. BD3

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci: 1 young class 1 v. price of honour

Judge: Rose Marie Emery, S

there was  22  Chows


See Kenzo and Fuh Thu Chow Camillas puppies

more photo


DKK Brøndby Summer show 30 Juli - 4 day

Last day and agin Kenenl Bidachow had the luck

Frida : BOB

Gabby get her 2. C.C. and BB2

Gibson: 1 mell 1v ck BD4

The father of Gibson and Gabby Pei Fang Midnight Zeb get the C.C. and is now Danish Champion & BD2

Congratulations to the owner Ann & Jan and the breeder Marianne Holmi, N

the rest of the Kennel Bidachow dogs

IGucci: Best puppiebitch

IMarny: promsing

Grizzly: 1 mell 4 v

Foxy: 2 op

Breederclass, Judge write::

A very beautiful and sound group, sound heads, with beautiful expreseions, balanced with excellent anglation, nice brod front, correct hignset tailset. Congratulations

Price of honour in breeding

Judge: Diane T. Anderson, US

Noted by the days it has been a fantastic 4 days show for the Bidachows.  6 C.C out of 8 possible  1 C.C. to Daddog Zeb. BOS  & BOS placment. It was clealy that the judges sat healthy eyes, healthy movements, good temperment  very highly.

I think that  Danish Kenenl Club has done a giant piece of work by the 4 days of the Summer show.


DKK Brøndby Summer show 29 Juli - 3 day

It was all fantastic

Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy & Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby

Brother and sister BOB & BOS

The father: Pei Fang Midnigt Zeb: BD 2

IMarny: malepuppie

IGucci: Best bitch puppie

Grizzly: 1 mell 3 v ck

Gibson: 1 mell 4 v

Foxy: 1 op 2 v ck

Frida: 1 ch. 3 v

Frosty: 2 op.

We  placed a breedeclass , the judges wrote :

Outstanding breeding group, with soundness in higt quality, the breeder can be very proud for her excellent job

Price of honour in breeding

Judge: Rafael Alcrudo, E


DKK Brøndby Summer show 28 Juli - 2day

The best result of the Bidachow dogs

IGucci: Best Puppie

Frida: 1 op. 1 v C.C.  BB2 New CHAMPION

Gibson: 1 mell 1 v ck BD4 C.C.

the rest of the Bidachow dogs

IMarny:  malepuppie

Gizzly: 1 mell 3 v.

Foxy: 1 op 2 v ck

Gabby: 1 mell 2 v.BB4

Price of honour in breeding

Judge: Horst Kliebenstein, Tyskland


DKK Brøndby Summer show 27 Juli - 1day

Best result

IGucci: Best Puppie

Gibson: 1 mell 1 v ck BD2 C.C  res. CACIB

the rest of the Bidachow dogs

IMarny: malepuppie

Foxy: 1 op 3 v

Gizmo: 1 op.

Gabby: 1 mell 2 v.

Frida: 1 op. 1 v ck

Judge: J.S.Fernandez

They forgot to call us in the ring for the breederclass


Puppies after Sire: Bidachows Zar Zappa "Kenzo Dam: Fuh-Thu_Chow Camilla

23 days old

Fuh-Thu-Chow Ingrid 23 days old.

Fuh-Thu-Chow Isabella 23 days old

Fuh-Thu-Chow Malou 23 days old.

Fuh-Thu-Chow Inka-Rose 23 days old


Bornholm D. 2 Juli

IGucci: very promisng, best bitch puppie

Gibson: Intermediate class1 1v. ck BD4

Cassy: 1 ch. 3 v. ck

 Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby: Intermediate classs 1. 2 v.

Judge: Helga Karrock, Tyskland

Not the best show this year

The judge do't like our smooth girls ( neither they other smooth on the day ).

The married couple Karrock were else highly agree to their evaluations, it was the same dog and bitch there both days getting the C.C..


Bornholm D. 1 Juli

IGucci:Very promsing

Gibson: ntermediate class BH3

Cassy: 1 ch. 2v. ck BB3

Gabby: intermediate class 1. v. ck BB4

Cassy & Gabby " Bedst i køn klasse"

Dommer: Michael Karrock, Tyskland

Solskins øen Bornholm viste sig fra den bedste side, flot vejr begge dage.



DCCK Hillerød June 24th.

IGucci:  Best puppie

Gibson: ntermediate class 1 1v. ck C.C  BD3

his 2. C.C. on 4 shows.

Holly: 1 vet v. ck

Grizzly: ntermediate class 1.3 v

Frida: 1 op.2 v

Gabby: ntermediate class 2

Price of honour in breeding

Judge: Rose Marie Emery, S

This show was also a championship in the club

Bidachows Funky Frida begome nr. 4 this year.

Congratulations to the owner

It was a very nice place  for the show- no parking problems.

The judges was speaking under the show, bad movement- bad breathe- to much coat.

Thing she not like.


DKK Aalborg D.June  th.

 Bidachows gentle Gibson was in Aalborg with Susanne

but it pay out.

Intermediate class1. 1 v. ck C.C BD 2

DKCH SCH VDHch CACch Bidachows A Smooth Aslan:1 ch 3 v ck

Judge: N.Descuymere, B


June  12 th.

 Bidachows Zar Zappa " Kenzo" becomme a father

Dam: Fuh Thu Chows Camilla, it is the first time for both of them

4 puppies girls -3 rede and 1 black


Fuh Thu Chows Camilla


DCCK I Fjellerad May 27 th.

IMarny: He was limping. KIP

IGucci: Very promesing

Gibson: Intermediate class1 1 v ck

Foxy: 1 op. 2 v. ck

Hailey: 1 young  3 v sl.

the photographer forgot to take a picture, UPS!

Gabby: Intermediate class1. 2 v


Price of honour in breeding:

Breed with 3 differnet combinations 3 smooth and a rough. All very similar in confirmation and head, a credit to their breeder and a benifit to the breed of chow chow in Denmark and to the club

Judge: David Robbins,UK

The weather keep dry even though that it sometime look very black in the sky.

There is a long vay from Knabstrup to Fjellerad and back.

The judge were trust against his countrys type  and choosen there after. None surprise.


Local Show on Bakken D. May 25 th.

Gibson: BOB and  nr. 2 in Grup 5

IGucci: Very promesing

Judge: Jesper Pedersen, Dk

Grup 5 Judger: Brigitte Thilemann, Dk


May 14 th  Photos from  Finland

Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy "Rasmus"

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue " Rudolf"

Almost  6 month's old


DKK Hillerød D. 6 Maj

It was a beautiful day sun and a bit windy, just the weather a chow like

Grizzly & Gibson a the judge

Grizzly ger a  2 pr. on the day

Gibson " do you have somthing nice for me "?

It was  Gibson's first show  - he got

1 young. 2 v ck

Pei Fang Midnight Zeb, father to Grizzly, Gibson og Gizmo

he got 1 op 2 v. ck BD4

Gizmo: 1 op 3 v.

Frida, she has a lot of C.C but on the day she got  2 pr.???

Judge : Gunner Nymann, DK


Lingen Tyskland 22 April

The trees don't grow to the sky

We did't get a Junior VDH champion, at on de this mdr. Gabby will be 18 mdr. so now it is to late.

she begome second vinner in Junior class.

Darky get a Sg1, not what we hope for

But Basse makes us very praud

DKCH SCH VDHCH Bidachows A Smooth Aslan BD1


Judger : Jutta Mayer, D


Hedensted  April 2 th.

The best result

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby:1 mell 1 v ck BB3

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci: very promsing

Bidachows Inspire IMarny: very promsing

Bidachows A Smooth Aslan: 1ch 4 v

Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy: 1op 2 v ck

Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey: : 1 junior 4 v sl


Bidachows Funky Frida: 1 mell. 2 v

Judge: Tony Moran,Ir

there were a lot of different breeds on the day, so there wasn't much space biside the ring.

Gjern Marts 25 th.

Bidachows Funky Frida: 1 mell 1 v ck cert BB1 BOB Best in Show

it is her nr. 7 C.C


First show  for Gucci and Marny

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci: very promsing

Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMarny: very promsing

Bidachows Gentle Gizmo: 1 mell. 1 v. ck BD4

we have borrow him for the show

Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy: 1 mell. 4 v.

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby: 1 mell. 2 v. ck BD4

Price of honour in breeding:

Judge:: A.R.R. Doedijns. NL


Den 18 Marts

Charley went ill in sep. 2005. The vet  treat it at a borrelia and give him  medical treatment. But his condition went badley and he loss weight. his personality chance a lot.

After 6 mdr. the vet now meant it is a tumour in the brain. It has been a very difficult time.

Chaley went to sleep.  My beautiful  gentle Charley

 Marts 11 th

Bidachows Gentle Gibson are comming  - his parents are going to be separated - so let se what the future will bring him. He is only 17 mdr. old and very handsomme.


München, Tyskland Marts 05

We started the tour to München early saturday morning and after the plan should vi arrivde to München about  17 p.m. Saturdayevning , however the God of weather, had another opinion about that.

It was the worth snow in 15 years and the city nearly closed  all over. It  took 4 hour  to "drive" 40 km. and it was very late before we arrival to the hotel.

We arrived very early to Olympiad halle  next morning , we did'n know what time the Chow will be in the ring, we was the last breed on the ring.

However it was wort waiting for :

Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby: BOB, Jugensieger Bayern, Jun. VDH CH

Bidachows Smooth Dame Darky: VDH cert, CAC cert, CACIB

Landes-Sieger Bayern 2006

Bidachows Charming Smooth Cassy: VDH cert _new VDH champion

Brosscroft Sheer Sunchine: Vet. VDH cert - now VDH veteranchampion

Judge: Horst Kliebenstein, D

Herlufmagle D. Marts 4 th.

Bidachows Funky Frida

It is  Frida's 6 cert., and she will be 2 year on the 26 April this year

Judge Kirsten H. Pedersen


DKK Odense

We only had 2 girl with us in the ring

INTCH DKCH SCK NCK NORDCH Bidachows Charming Smooth Cassy:1 ch 2v. ck BB2

Rostock Jugensieger Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby:1 Young 1v. sl.

Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy:1 mell. 1v.

Judge. Hanne Laine Jensen

But  Gucci was also with us, so she can see how to do in the ring  , that  fitted her pretty well, she love the attention.

At home again , very  tired, of all that hugging


First Show this year

Jægerspris January

  Bidachow Gentle Smooth Grizzly: 1 ungh. 1 v sl.

INTCH NORDCH NCH DKCH SCH Bidachows Charming Smooth Cassy: 1 ch. 2v ck

 Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby: 1 ungh. 1 v ck. BB3

Bidachows Funky Frida 1 mell.1 v ck cert. BB2

DKCH Brosscroft Sheer Sunshine " Holly": 1 vet. 1 v ck

Price of honour in breeding:


Judge: Gunnel Holm, Fin

Gabby is looking after her mother Cassy in the ring