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December 18

We have on this day, had to make the terrible decision to say goodbye to Barny.

Yesterday he got another bloated stomach - but he had surgery for this terrible disease in 2018.

Despite this, he also had similar episode on 27/12 2019

Also this time, we reached the vet and he was anesthetized and emptied his stomach of gases and very thick mucus. He was very lethargic and was not allowed to get food for 24 hours.

But already on 18/12 in the afternoon, it started all over again his stomach grew and became mega hard and he got sick, so we made the decision to stop his pain.

He has all his life, been an incredibly gentle and confident boy, he loved everyone, 2 and 4 legs.

He will be greatly missed by us and all who knew him. But never forgotten


Oktober 16

Bidachows Litter C3 becomme 8 years

Happy Birthday to

Clooney, Conner, Carlos, Chino, Chilas and our girl Cookey

Big hug


Oktober 2

Bidachow K3 kuld ( singelton)

Bidachows Kind Smooth Kooby , 1 year


Juli 17

Bidachows I3 kuld becomme 4 year

This is Ivy, the Birthday girl


 Juli 16

Bidachows U2 litter becomme 10 years

Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2 ,and our

Bidachows UŽLa la Smooth U'Nicky


1 Juni

Today we said goodbye to Bidachow Pretty Smooth Penny.

We hed 11 years and 9months with her, she was gentle and always so happy. She became a mother of 2 litter.

Never forgotten but always hidden in my heart


Maj 28

Bidachows H3 litter becomme 5 years

Hally, Harley, Haschi og Herbie


 Maj 8

Bidachows E3 litte becomme 6 years

Essy aka Sinien - Exprsso aka Kenzo


April 26

Bidachows G3 litter becomme 6 years

Bidachows Gift from USA Gilbert, Bidachows Gift from USA Gordan, og

Bidachows Gift from USA Gery


 April 22

Bidachows F3 litter becomme 6 years

Frodo, Freddy, Fenzy, Fonzy


 April 18

Bidachows D3 litter becomme 7 years

Bidachows Dreamboy Smooth Danny Aka Kenzo


February 23

Now Arwen Chava v Juttersburch aka ALLY becommet 4 years, she behave like a pups still, and she is a very strong mental lady.


 February 7

the princess: is now 2 years old

Bidachows Jade the Jewel & Bidachows Jojo the Joy

sweet girls and very nice to their little brother Kooby


     January 24

    Bidachows B 3 litter now 8 years old

    Bidachows Busy Barny Bear Bidachows Beauty Babe Bibi