News 2016

gl. nyheder:  2015     

Last show Middelfart 2016
Judge: Bill Buell. USA The bicth of the year 2016 Amanda" best handler"


20 November
    Big  Congratulations to Bidachows L2 litter, becomme 9 year today

     Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth, Bidachows Lord Luke the Smooth, Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly,                    and our little charmer Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy.

    Can not belive they are 9 years old. Lucy still play with toys.




11 November
    To day Bidachows I.2 litte becomme 11 years

    There are 2 left: Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy( Finland) and  Bidachows Irresistible Igucci.

    Same day but 5 years later Bidachows T.2 litte is born

      Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Tippy - Bidachows Tip Top Tessa - Bidachows Tip Top Tood - og vores egen Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy født. now 6 years old

    Both litter has same fther: Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy - but difference moms
    Happy Birthday to your all.

Her IRasy now 11 years . Lives in Finland.

November 6. DKK Herning
NEW Nordic Winner16: Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny
Judge Kari Jarvinen,Finland

1000 tanks to Katrine Klitgård Smedsaas, handling Giny  perfectly.


Oktober 30.

Today, the world's sweetest, lovely, wise INTCH mm.Bidachows Gentle Gibson 12 years...
Congratulations my lovely "boy"

He is the last one from the litter
It is celebrated with cake later.


 oktober 21

To day Bidachows V-W2 becomme 4 year

Congratulations to you all.
Wupti Vuitton Valentina Vanilla

Right now Valentina has 7 puppies, born Oktober 7. Breeder Susanne Dammann


Oktober 16

C3 litter become 3 year to day

Big Congratulations to you all.

Bidachows Clever Smooth Chino , Bidachows Clever Smooth Carlos, Bidachows Clever Smooth Clooney,

Bidachows Clever Chilas, Bidachows Clever Smooth Conner ( lives in Germany) and our own princess Bidachows Cute Smooth Cookey.



17 Sep.

Giny latest show result:

She is corrently no. 2 on the top ten list i DCCK.

Greve Dansk Chow Chow Klub Tuula Maija Tammelin Exc.MK Plac.2 CK 4.BTK R.CERT
Vamdrup Dansk Kennel Klub Kim Vigsø Nielsen Exc.MK Plac.1 CK 2.BTK R.CERT
03.09.2016 Roskilde Dansk Chow Chow Klub Fredrik Nilsson Exc.MK Plac.2 CK 4.BTK
1.09.2016 Ballerup Dansk Kennel Klub Leif Lehmann Jørgensen Exc.MK Plac.1 CK 2.BTK R.CERT R.CACIB


 September 6
Harry now lives in  Hedehusene Halley is moved to Kalundborg
 Juli 23

The litter is now 8 weeks and  Herbie has moved to Ulfborg

Harley Harry Herbie Halley


 Juli 16

H3 litter is now 7 weeks

Harley Harry Herbie Halley
      look for a new famelie


 July 9

H3 litter now 6 weeks

Harley Harry Herbie Halley


2 Juli

H3 now5 week

Harley Harry Herbie Halley


June 26

H3 now 4 week

Harley & harry Harry& Halley Herbie Cookey_hvalpe


 June 19

H3 litter now 3 weeks

Harley Harry Herbie Halley

June 10

    What a day
    Juniorchampion: Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny:
    Junior klasse Ex C.C, BB & BOS

    Thanks to Judge Kurt Nilsson, SE & Handler: Amanda Hansen

    now she has 5 C.C. and 2 x BOB



June 10

H3 Litter now 2 weeks

2 week





Juni 5, DCCK show in Sandved
What a Day
Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny
Best Junior bitch and is now DCCK Junior Champion
Best bitch 2 and get the C.C. ( her 4)
Thank you so much to Judge Mauro Mostura, It & Handler: Amanda Hansen


June 4

H3litter 1 weel old

Harley Harry Herbie girl" Halley"



May 29
Bidachows Cute Smooth Cookey ( 7 week pregnant) Commitment Armani Code  
Male w/nail polish Male Male Girl " Halley"


May 28

What a day! First we got a fine litter of 4 babys. Then  Lars and Amanda went  to DCCK's show in Ejby, Fyn

with Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny.

There she became Best female of the Day including the junior certificate  and C.C and she ended as BOS

Judge David Robbins, UK

This is her 3rd certificate, all given in the junior class + 2 juniorcert.

Many thanks to the judges, who liked our cute smooth  Chow girl.


May 28

May 10

Bidachows K-litter become 9 years to day

Big Congratulations

. Bidachows Kind  Kenzo, Høng.

Bidachows Kind Kappa, Kastrup, .Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani, Dragør.

Bidachows Kind Kody, Køge

This is Kalle

We lost  Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein "Kalle",  10 marts 2016, suddenly and unexpectedly. We miss him everyday.


 maj 8

Bidachows E3 becomme 2 year to day

Big Congratulations to Bidachows Enjoy Smooth Expresso &  Bidachows Enjoy Elegant Essy

 Expresso now "Kenzo"


April 30

DKK Roskilde

Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny: Junior kl. Ex 1 v ck cert BT2.

Judge : Marianne Baden, DK

Handler: Amanda Hansen, Super handling, nice teamwork.


26 April














Bidachows F2 becomme 12 year to day

Big Congratulations: Bidachows Funky Fussy og Bidachows Funky Frida





April 26

Our G3 litter is one year old today
Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Gery (Boiky, lives in Holland), -  Bidachows Gift from USA Gordon( Linus, lives in Finland),  Bidachows Gift from USA Gilbert( Simba, DK)  and our charmer Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Giny.

A big hug to them all






 April 22

Many congratulations

Bidachows Fearless Smooth Freddy (Ramos)

Bidachows Fearless Frodo - Bidachows Fearless Smooth Fency (Simba)
    Bidachows Fearless Smooth Foncy (Jason) - Bidachows Faithful Smooth Fay

    This is Simba 1 year



 April 18

Bidachows D3 litter is 2 years to day


Bidachows Dreamboy Smooth Danny, Bidachows Dreamboy Dylon,

Bidachows Dreamer Smooth Debby og Bidachows Dreamgirl Smooth Dotty

Here is a picture of beautiful Dotty who have been approved as therapy dog through TrygFonden in old people's nursing home.


 January 30

Bidachows Gift from USA Smooth Ginny in her  first show this year for the first time in Junior class:
Ex. 1 v Junior CC. - BB2 CC..
Thanks to Judge Tomas Rohlin, DK who liked our lovely girl.



January 24

Kennel Bidachows B3 litter will be 3 years old today, Huge congratulations to Bidachows Beauty Babe Bibi and our own charmer Bidachows Busy Barny Bear.
Mother: Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny - Father: Bei Wei Botai


1 January

Like all the other years, we take a walk with the dogs, a place where they can run free, they love it


1 January

Today it Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey "Holly" birthday, happy birthday, 11 years