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3 December


Happy Birthday to  Bidachows R2-litter, there becomme 5 years to day
Rock and Roll Ronaldo, Rock and Roll Rosie, Rock and Roll Roxan, Rock and Roll Rosalil ( Rosa)

Photo of  DKCH Rock and Roll Rosalil

20 November
    Happy Birthday to  Bidachows L2 litter they become 7 years to day. Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth, Bidachows Lord Luke the Smooth, Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly,Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy and our own  Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy.


11 November

Bidachows T2becomme 4 years to day

Happy B-day to Bidachows Tip Top Tood ( Samson) - Bidachows Tip Top Tessa, Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Tippy

and our own Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy.

But my toughts are with Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Toby, who had an all to short life.


30 October

G2 litter turns 10 years today

Congratulations to Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy and our own INTCH mm Bidachow Gentle Gibson


INTCH mm Bidachows Gentle Gibson and sister Bidachows Graceful Smooth Gabby, we had to say goodbye to it. October 9, cancer of the stomach.

 We miss Bidachows Gentle Gizmo, Bidachows Graceful Gipsy, who also went to the rainbow brigde in this fall.

Congratulations to my beautiful boy.


16 Ocktober

C3 litter become 1 year to day

Big Congratulations to you all.

Bidachows Clever Smooth Chino , Bidachows Clever Smooth Carlos, Bidachows Clever Smooth Clooney,

Bidachows Clever Chilas, Bidachows Clever Smooth Conner ( lives in Germany) and our own princess Bidachows Cute Smooth Cookey.


13 September "The dogs day" i Tivoli
Bidachows Dreamboy Dylon, 5 months, on the stage The 3 who represented Chows in Tivoli
7 september
Bidachows Dreamboy Smooth Danny, 5 months.
20 August

Bidachows Dreamgirl Smooth Dotty ind the water. 4 month old.


18 August

Kennel Bidachows N2 litter become 6 years

Happy Birthday l Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nelly,  Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nomy, Bidachows Nicely  Noella

Bidachows Nicely Naya and last Bidachows Nicely  Nala

15 August

Q2 litter become 5 year to day

Happy Birthday to Bidachows Quality Quincy , Bidachows Quality Qella, Bidachows Quality Smooth Qanna, Bidachows Quality Smooth Qina

10 August

Our own Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny to day 6 year. She was the only puppie in the litter

Here with her last litter, born  8. May 2014. Happy B-day, Penny


16 July
Bidachows Enjoy Smooth Expresso, now Kenzo is moved to Hørsholm, he be living with Maxi, 3 year old black. smooth Chow &  Sigi, old lady, black labrador. Sini  (Bidachows Enjoy Elegant Essy) has starter her  journey to her new home abroad (Finland) to oure friends (Pirkko & Pekka). This they sixth Bidachow and  now they again have all the colors in they home
6 Juni

D3 litter is now 7 week

Look on the puppies page


5 Juni

E3 litter is now 4 week

Look on the puppies page

30 May

D3 litter is now 6 weeks

Look on the puppies page


29 May

E3 Litter is now 3 weeks

Bidachows Enjoy Smooth Expresso Bidachows Enjoy Elegant Essy
27  May
Bidachows Clever Chilas on visit in Knabstrup." Hi, Here I'm"
18 May


Bidachows Magic Smooth Manny 6 year today, since last birthday, the family got a little girl named Lisa.

Happy birthday beautiful boy.

10 May

To day the K2-litter becomme 7 years

Big hug to the boys

Bidachows Kind  Kenzo, Bidachows Kind Kappa,

Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani, Bidachows Kind Kody

And Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein " Kalle" who lives in the house.


9 May

E3 litter born

Sire Ursulas Black Joe - Dam: Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny

Look on the litters page

9 May

Bidachows D3 litter is now 3 weeks old
Bidachows Dreamboy Smooth Danny Bidachows Dreamboy Dylon Bidachows Dreamer Smooth Debby Bidachows Dreamgirl Smooth Dotty
Look on the litters page

26. April

Hip Hip Hooray today fills Bidachows F2 litter 10 years
Congratulations to Bidachows Funky Frida, Bidachows Funke Smooth Fox, and Bidachows Funky Fussy


This is Fussy, enjoy spring



18 April
Topsy have 2 boys and 2 girls, all black, like daddy, Ursulas Black Joe

Look on the puppies page


6 April
Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy, 7 weeks pregnant Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy, 8 weeks pregnant
Billede: Ursulas Black Joe, ex 1 åben klasse. Dcck Herlufmagle.
Sire: Ursulas Black Joe


24 February


Just received this lovely picture of Bidachows Clever Smooth Carlos, who took advance of the bathing season yesterday 23/02 2014.


23 February


Lovely photo of :Bidachows Clever Smooth Conner, who lives in Germany


22 Februar, DCCK's Show in Herlufmagle
Bidachows Cute Smooth Cookey Bidachows Busy Barny Bear



16 februay
Ulco Ursinus vh. Bossche Front has moved away from us, he did not like to be part of the group, he stressed about the other males in the house and could not cope when there were females in heat. It's a difficult decision, but I believe that Ulco will have a better life as one dog in a family. We found a lovely family to him, how he "just" need be their pet .



25 January
Bidachows Clever Chilas, 3mdr. Bidachows Clever Smooth Carlos, 3 mdr.
We've been a tour on Fyn and visit our puppies from last litter, a couple of lovely boys with some super good news families.


24 January

 Today  Kennel Bidachows B3 become litter 1 year

Bidachows Busy Buddy Bear Bidachows Beauty Babe Bibi Bidachows Busy Barny Bear
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday


19 January
Nicky 2½ year, new coat after the puppies Kalle 6½ year Topsy 3½ yearr
Barny, soon to be 1 year Cookey 3 md. 7½ year
1. January

Our annual tradition "Walk on the beach" with the dogs

Nice weather and a delightful experience for Cookey, Barny and Penny
1. Januar


Today it Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey "Holly" birthday, hooray hooray, 9 years