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19 December

Now all the puppies left home and only Cookey is back
We found some lovely family for all of them. We send our best wishes a good future to them

Cookey now has her own pages.


11 December

Mom U'Nicky with her puppies, there son will move to new home

See puppies page


4 December

The litter is now 7 weeks old and enjoy live

see puppies page


27 November

Chilas & Cookey

See puppies page 2 smoth boys look for new homes


20 November

The litter is now 5 weeks and enjoy live with the others Chow in the family

See puppies page


17 November

Vi har besøg af Bidachows Busy Buddy Bear og familie.

A very big smooth boy, nerly 1 year Mother:  Penny " hi son" Buddy's  A very nice smooth


6 November

The litter is now 3 weeks - se puppies page



This month we have a lot of birthdays.

J - Kuldet born 03/11 2006 -7 years

INTCH mm Bidachows Joufull Jossie - Bidachows Joyfull Joline

O - Kuldet born 05/11 2008 - 5 years

Bidachows Own Black Othello - INTCH mm Bidachows O'Lovely Othella

I - Kuldet born 11 /11 2005 - 8 years

Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMarny, Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMaxy,

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue og Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy,

Eneste pige: DKCH SECH Bidachows Irresistible IGucci

T - Kuldet born 11/11 2010 - 3 years

Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Toby , Bidachows Tip Top Tood,

Bidachows Tip Top Tessa, Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Tippy and our

Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy

L - Kuldet born 20/11 2007 - 6 years

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy, Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly,

Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth, Bidachows Lord Luke the Smooth and our

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy,




 Oktober 30th.

The litter C3 is now 2 weeks

Se puppies page


Oktober 30th.

Bidachows G-Kuld becomme 9 years to day.


20 Oktober

I just received this lovely picture:
Bidachow Magic Smooth Manny with her new human little sister Lisa.

16 Oktober.
The proud mother: Bidachows U-La-la Smooth U'Nicky with pups. 5 boys and 1 girl, who is smooth ?
See puppies page


1. Oktober

We expect puppies, about 19/10 2013

INTCH DKCH NO NORDCH Bidachow Gentle Gibson, Born. 30.10.2004

HD: B - AD:2

Bidachow U-La la Smooth U'Nicky, Born 16.07.2011

HD: A - AD: 2


6. September
Hip Hip Hurra ,I dag bliver Bidachows Smooth Dame Darky, 11 år. Hun var enebarn i kuldet.

Sire: Shi Yangs Hei Muyang  Dam: Bidachows Smooth Stacy


9. August

Bidachows Busy Barny Bear, 6 mdr. "Look what I have got"



The following Bidachow litter birthday in August:

Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny F. 10/08, the year 2009

 (one puppy in the litter)

Bidachows Q-Litter F. 15/08 2009 (1,4)
Congratulations to Quincy, Qanna, Qella, Qina. The two latter live in Finland.

Bidachows N-Litter F. 18/08 2008, (0.6)
Conomy, Naya, Nala, Nelly and Noella (only lh).



Her: Bidachows Nicely Smooth Nelly

16 Juli

Our lovely U2 litter will be 2 years
Congratulations to

Bidachows U-La-La Smooth U'Joy og Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2

and our own: Bidachows U-La-La Smooth U'Nicky

Sire: Evil Angel Red De Mai Jin Shan - Dam: Bidachows Joyfull Jolin

This is U2, Petname Kento




We just got the nice message to: Bidachows Quality Smooth Qina on show in Rovaniemi, Finland

become BOS, with C.C  & cacib

The familys male: Desertmoon's Iced Cappuccino: BOS

Judge: Ricky Gouws, Sydafrika

Congratulations to Pekka and Pirkko Pesu, Finland


24 Juni, On a visit to see: Bidachows Busy Buddy Bear

Buddy , 5 mdr.

We bring his Mother Penny

They enjoy.


18 Maj

Bidachows  Magic Smooth Manny become 5 years to day

Manny was the only one in the litter, Sire Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein " Kalle" Dam: Bidachows Irresistible Igucci


10. Maj

Bidachows K-Kuld become 6 year to day

Happy birthday to :

Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein "Kalle", Her i huset. Bidachows Kind  Kenzo, Høng.

Bidachows Kind Kappa, Kastrup, .Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani, Dragør.

Bidachows Kind Kody, Køge

Here represented by Kappa, who get a new family 2 years ago. Now he lives with a lovely black Chowgirl.


Just got lovely pictures of the puppies from the last litter:
Bidachows Beauty Babe Bibi, 12 weeks Bidachows Busy Barny Bear, 13 weeks



26 April

Happy birthday to F2 litter, today 9 years old

Here represented by Bidachows Funky Fussy, but also big congratulations to DKCH Bidachows Funky Smooth Foxy and DKCH Funky Frida


Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2 Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth og

Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2

Thanks for the lovely photo of the boys.

23 Februar show in Jægerspris
Ulco at his first show. He was best  in "Junior handler" with this beautiful young lady


February 23 th.
Barny og Buddy Penny med Buddy og Bibi
see puppies page
14 february
Penny with the babyes, new 3 weeks, look at the puppies site


9 February
Bidachows Tip Top Tessa: op. cl. Ex 3 v Bidachows Tip Top Topsy: Ex.1 v
Judge: Svend  Løvenkjær, Dk.

No males found worthy with the judges eye and there was not giving  Ck and only 3 girls got Ck, unfortunately not Topsy.
Congratulations to those who "escaped" in through the needle eye.


24 January

We got puppies


Dam: Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny


2 boys and 1 girl.

B3 litters page


13 January
Goodbye to Janneke New home, so it is good with a great friendly Gibson
Welcome to  Ulco Ursinus vh. Bossche Front. From Janneke Leunisse-Rooseboom, Holland. Thanks Jannek & Leo.

9 md. old we let him go to and other famlely, he did'n like to live with others dogs.

1 January

Bidachows Wanted Vuitton

Born den 21 Oktober 2012

Sire: Intch mm Caribean Leituvos Liutas & Dam: DKCH SECH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci

1 January

Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey " Holly" has B-day

  8 år

Congratulations til a very happy Holly