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November 28 th. Bidachows Irresistible Igucc's puppies 5 weeks
Wupti Vuitton Valentina Vanilla



November 21th. Bidachows Irresistible Igucc's puppies 4 week
Wupti Vuitton Valentina Vanilla



November 17th. DCCK's last show and Chow of the year

Breeder of the year: Kennel Bidachow, now won  for 5 times in a row


This month we have a lot of birthdays.

J - Kuldet born 03/11 2006 -6 years

INTCH mm Bidachows Joufull Jossie - Bidachows Joyfull Joline

O - Kuldet born 05/11 2008 - 4 years

Bidachows Own Black Othello - INTCH mm Bidachows O'Lovely Othella

I - Kuldet born 11 /11 2005 - 7 years

Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMarny, Bidachows Inspire Smooth IMaxy,

Bidachows Inspire Smooth Indigoblue og Bidachows Inspire Smooth IRasy,

Eneste pige: DKCH SECH Bidachows Irresistible IGucci

T - Kuldet born 11/11 2010 - 2 years

Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Toby , Bidachows Tip Top Tood,

Bidachows Tip Top Tessa, Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Tippy and our

Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy

L - Kuldet born 20/11 2007 - 5 years

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy, Bidachows Lovely Lady Lilly,

Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth, Bidachows Lord Luke the Smooth and our

Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lucy,




Oktober 30th.

Bidachows G-Kuld becomme 8 years to day.

Here representing by Bidachow Gentle Gibson


21 Oktober

DKCH SECH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci

gives birth to a litter of puppies

1 blue male 1 black male and 2 red girls

Sire: INTCH mm Caribean Pirate Lietuvos Liütas


Oktober 13th.
Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2 Say hi "Sis" Nicky Shall we play?
    Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth
We were visiting family Weibel . Thanks for some nice time.
 Oktober 13th..  DCCK in Års.

Bidachows Amazing Armani: BOS

Judge : Wesley Mccrum- Irland


DKK Vejen den 16-17 september

Kennel Bidachows breeder class, Sunday


Bidachows Smooth Dame darky, 10 years old today.

She was the only child in the litter. Fortunately, Holly just given birth to 5 puppies in a litter and Stacy (Holly's daughter and Darkys mother) got 2 of the puppies, so they share to care for them all. Unfortunately, Darky never had puppies. She had pyrometers as a young girl..


September 2th.
INTCH DKCH SECK VDHCH mm Bidachows Charming Smooth Cassy, 10 year to day

Cassyis the mother of: INTCH mm Bidachows Gentle Gibson, INTCH mm  Bidachows Graceful  Gipsy, SECH DKCH Gentle Smooth Grizzly, DKCH VDHCH Graceful Gabby & Bidachows Gentle Smooth Guy.


 August 26th. , DKK, Århus, DK

The best result of the day: Intch DKCH SECH Bidachows O'Lovely Othella: BB2 ( photo not from the day)

It rained very much at times, grass sailed in muddy water, small ring on the tiled area, why do you do such a thing?
Get up in the middle of the night, driving in more than 2 ½ hours, only to be wet and cold.



Follow Bidachow litter has birthday in August:

Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny F. 10/08  år 2009 (only pups in the litter)

Bidachows Q-Kuld F. 15/08 2009, (1,4)

Happy B-day to Quincy, Qanna, Qella, Qina. the 2 lsst one lives in Finland.


Her det Bidachows Quality Quincy 3 år

 juli 21th.
It has nothing to do with dog ... But I have become grandmother

Welcome to the world, little girl


July 16th.

The  U- litter becomme 1 year

Happy B-Day to : Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2 ( Kento), Bidachows U-La la Smooth U'Joy (  Nova)

Our own : Bidachows U-La-la Smooth U'Nicky


30/06 - 01/07 Bornholm

Sunday d 30/06 BOB: INTCH mm Bidachows O'lovely Othella . Judge Zorica Salijevic, S

Saturday d. 30/06 . BOB & BOS :INTCH mm. Bidachows O'Lovely Othella Judge: Hans vd. Berg. Nl


June 17 th. DKK show in Ballerup

Bir: DKCH INTCH Pei Fang Eyecather & BIM: Bidachows Amazing Armani


June 16 th. in Ballerup.
Rosa get the C.C and is now Danish and Swedish champion. Armani: Jun cl. Ex. 3 v.
Judge: Ole Staunskjær. DK


2 - 3 juni Show in Sweden and Clubchampion show.
Bidachows O'Lovely Othella:  :BIM, Saturday - EX 3v. Sunday Bidachows Irresistible Igucci , only Sunday BB4,
Bidachows Amazing Avitchi: Saturday: EX.1 v. BD 4- Sunday Ex. Bidachows Amazing Armani: Saturday, Jun cl. EX. 2v - Sunday Jun cl. EX 3 v.

Saturday, Judge:  J. Matejcic.

Sunday, Judge: Chris Clucas, UK.

Breeder class: Price of hounor:

Thanks to Jessica for the photos

 May 20th.

Bidachows E-Litter becomme 9 year to day

Happy B-day

Bidachows Smooth Eddy the Explore, male, red, smooth, Bidachows Smooth Elegant Effy, girl, red smooth

Bidachows Elegant Elly, girl red, Bidachows  Elegant Eliza, girl, red

Sire:  Multi Champion Bidachows A- Smooth Aslan & Dam: DKCH SCH Velvet Macy v. Juttersburch


 May 19th. Hässleholm, S

Bidachows Amazing Armani: BOB & BIG1

Judge: Gunilla Sandberg, S


 May 17th. , Local show "Bakke skue"
Nicky: Junior cl. BB2 Topsy: BOB
Judge: Svein E Bjørnes

We have the sun, rain and  litle windy weather.

In Denmark we have a song called "Come May, you sweet soft- not to day.



Maj 10th.

To day the K2-litter becomme 5 years

Big hug to the boys

Bidachows Kind  Kenzo, Bidachows Kind Kappa,

Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani, Bidachows Kind Kody

And Bidachows Kind Smooth Kalvin Klein " Kalle" who lives in the house.

Bidachows Kind Smooth Karl Kani will not be photographed on the occasion of the birthday.



May 5th. and 6th.  DKK show in Roskilde

Despite the good wishes and crossed fingers, was the days in Roskilde is not "our" show.
Best result on both days was Bidachows Rock and Roll Rosalil: both days 2 v. in open class with Ck and 1 BB4 days - 2 days BB. 5

No photo avaiable,  I was busy doing dog ready for the ring.
But before then, I got this great photo of Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Toby and playmate Orinell's A Knockout. From the first day

Judge: 1 day: Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel - 2. day: Claudio de Giuliani. It.


 April 28th. DCCK in Studsgård, DK

BOB: DKCH INTCH Pei Fang Eyecather & BOS: Bidachows Amazing Armani


April 26

Bidachow F-kuld become 8 years to day...Big hug to them all:

DKCH Bidachow Funky Frida

Bidachow Funky Fanny, sorry no photo of Fanny

DKCH Bidachow Funky Smooth Foxy

Bidachows Funky Fussy








Marts 17th.

Some lovey smooth girls

Topsy & Nicky Bidachows U-La-la Smooth U'Nicky  Bidachows U-La-la Smooth U'Joy " Nova"
  Nicky 8 mdr. sister to Nicky


 Marts 8th, på CRUFT, UK

Armani entre 2 class, Special Junior 1 & Yearling 3, Dog. Judge: Mrs. D. J. Heyes, GB
88 tilmeldte

Vinner dogs from CRUFT from the DCCK page
08-03-2012 - Crufts 2012, NEC, Birmingham, England - A Danish vinner

Best Of Breed & Bitch Challenge Certificate:
Liusu Ai-Lin (Lise-Lotte Adler)

Dog Challenge certificate:
GBCH Cherrymount Good To Be Black For Lechan JW (S. Godber)

Best Puppy:
Rosechow Ayla (R & E Blight)

Res. Dog Challenge Certificate:
Di Ka Tschou Zung Tzung Le (L. Johansson)

Res. Bitch Challenge Certificate:
Simcha Chucuito (S. Evans)

The Danish dogs:

Special Junior 1 & Yearling 3, Dog:
Bidachows Amazing Armani (B. Dammann)

Limit Dog res:
Sherae The Eminent Rising Sun (Inge Lise Jensen)

Open Dog 3:
CH Orinell's Ego Trip (Maj Lindorff)

Open Bitch 1:
Liusu Ai-Lin (Lise-Lotte Adler)

Open Bitch res:
CH Pei Fang Eyecatcher (Maj Lindorff)

 sker hjertelig tillykke!

Liusu Ai-Lin

Cherrymount Good To Be Black For Lechan JW

Di Ka Tschou Zung Tzung Le

Simcha Chucuito


3. Marts DCCK's show in Herlufmagle

Bidachows Irresistible Igucci' s with offspring


Februay 19th.
SECH DKCH Bidachows Gentle Smooth Grizzly Grizzly & Bidachows Lovely Smooth Lady Lizzy
Owner: Ann Märtensson, Sverige
19. Februar
Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2 " Kento" Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth  & Kento
Owner Fam Weibel, Ølsted
18 Februar DKK show in Fredericia

Kennel Bidachows breeder class


11 Februar

Tofthus Black Bølle Bob ( 6 weeks)  in daycare in granmother place, when  Susanne  is during the dog, we will bring to the show in Fredericia

Dam:  DKCH SECH Bidachows Irresistible Igucci


17 jan.

Some nice photo of Bidachows Undercover Smooth U2," Kento" 6 mdr, there live with Bidachows Lord Leonardo the Smooth.

17 jan.

Same day lovely photos of sister  Bidachows U-La-La Smooth U'Joy " Nova" 6 mdr.

January 6 th.

Armani ans Susanne did it again
Bidachows Amazing Armani also today become BOB in Göteborg , Sweden.  Jugde: Espen Engh, N
I am so proud.

January 5th.

Bidachows Amazing Armani  become BOB + BIG3 in Göteborg, S. Jugde: Jugde: Dan Erikson,S

I am so proud.

1 Januar

Bidachows Irresistible IGucci

get 1 black baby boy Name: Bølle Bob

1 Januar

Bidachows Hot Smooth Hailey " Holly" B-day

  7 year

Big hug from us.