Born d. 16 Juli 2011

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Joline 47 in pregnasi Sire: Evil Angel Red De Mai Jin Shan ( born in France) Joline with the new born
  U'Nicky U2 U'Joy  
1 day
1 week
1 week
1 week  
  Big sister Topsy helps Joline    
2 weeks old.
        U2 & U'Joy
3 week old
        U'Nicky and Tosy
4 weeks
  UNicky & U2 U2 med tøjdyr UJoy  
5 weeks
      U'Joy & U'Nicky  
6 weeks
        The girls are playing with water 
7 weeks
8 uger
  Big sister Topsy

play with the pups

  U'Nicky stay in the house U2 with Paw

He has left us 10/9. He will be living with

a smooth male from us.

U'Joy, now Nova lives in Aalborg with 2 lovely cats