S- Litter

Born September 10th. 2010

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Gabby 38 days pregnant Gabby 8 uger pregnant Sire: Chowhills Gandor Bidachows Sweet Sooky, newborn
September 18th.

Today we have given up the fight for little Sooky. She never would eat from Gabby and trough she was offered bottle every two hours, she took very little weight on. The last 4 days, the nothing and she was X-rayed yesterday and it showed a lot of fluid in the belly. We tried antibiotics, but she just got worse and worse.
It is so horrible, Gabby is such a good mother and has cared for her and cuddled her so well. It is terrible time for her - fortunately there's no more milk.
So I go now and clean up in the puppy room - sad.