Born d. 05.11.2008

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  IGUCCI 8 uger henne Sire Orinell's Ego Trip New born
2 days old.  
The black puppy is born with a defect, then it is not possible to see whether it is a he or she
Red girl  
1week old.
2 weeks old.  
  It is a male puppie and he called Othello, not quite perfect but he is functionel
3 week old  
4 weeks old
        Get "real" food
5 weeks
6 weeks
  Kalle as a playmate

7 weeks

December 24 th


  Bidachows O-litter - Othello & Othella  "says"  Merry Christmas
8 weeks  
9 weeks
10 weeks Othello has been operated on January 13th 2009, So he don't  like to bee a model just now. It was a tuff  time. Once we know if everything works well, we will find a new family to him. He's a little sweet, clever gay, He loves everything. But he will never act as a studdog.
11 weeks
Othello is back on, his operation has gone well, so now he is ready to get a new family Here, he is to "kill" a fake fur. We had found the new family  for Othello
6 feb. 2009

13  weeks

  Susanne make Othello super, he moves to day to fam. Svendsen i Taastrup, who had his great- grandfather Shi-yangs Hei Muyang.