Born d. 18. 08 2008

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  Gabby 7 week started give birth sire:Pei Fang Red Bazuka
New born

6 girls

1 day
color under the dog refers to nailpolish color of the tail


  together   Blue Pink
  Gren Purple White without
1 week
  together   Blue Pink
All is fine, however, are blue girl and the girl "without" a little less in weight than the other
  Green Purple White Without
2 week
They now have all opened their eyes
      Blue, smooth Pink, smooth
  Green, smooth Purple White Without
3 week

Many things happening now. They all have names now and they try real food


  Nelly Nomy Nima Noella
  Naya Nala    
      Nala eat Nima eat
  Cleaning Nala & Nima has eaten Nomy has eaten sleep after
4 week old
  Nelly Nelly Nomy Nomy
  Nima Nima Noella Noella
  Naya Naya Nala Nala
      Nima & ´Nomy Nomy & Nelly
5 weeks
  Nelly Nomy Nima Noella
  Naya Nala    
  Nima & Gabby   Nomy  
6 week
  Nomy & Nelly nederst Neya i rør Nelly i rør trængsel i røret
      Nala & Naya Naya
  Nelly Nomy Nima Naya
  Noella Noella Nala Nala
7 week
  Nelly Nomy Nima Noella
  Naya Nala Nala Nelly
  Nelly Nomy Nima Noella

They all have new familys and live from week 42

  Naya Nala & Nelly Nala Gabby & the girls
8 week
  Nelly Nomy og Nelly leger Nima Noella
Noella & Nala has moved from us and  lives now in Horsens.
  Noella & Janette Naya Nala Nala & Anni
Live home
  Naya & Jannie Jeda, become bigstister Nima & Nomy Nima
  Nima & Gabby Nomy Nomy & Anne Lise Nomy
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