Born d. 18 05 2008

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  Gucci 6 weeks  pregnat Sire: Kalle 1. day 1. day Manny
1 week
  when he was 4 days old 1 eye open     nice to have a pet
2 week          
  Manny duing fine, he moved to the livingroom, so he  can se the other Chows
15 days         
  Manny enjoy live Look careful, what Manny are sitting on- now he is to big for this little weight
3 weeks
      Daddy Kalle look    
3 weeks +
  Only 3 weels old and  like to go in the garden Manny  23 days and daddy Manny with a snake
4 weeks
  Nice to have Lucy ( 6 m. old) to play with
  If she is to must- Manny has a hiding place
5 weeks    
  He is a darling and so bright
6 weeks
  It is so nice playing whit daddy  
7 weeks
  I have only been away for 4 days and Manny is just grew so much
8 weeks  
  Manny is now 8 weeks and he will leaving home July 20 th.2008 , weight 7,9 kg.
9 weeks
Manny live home  tomorrow  July 20 th.2008
Manny enjoy live with  Rene og Dorthe, Amager
Manny enjoy summerhollyday