Born d. 08 May 2014

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Far: Ursulas Black Joe

Mor: Bidachows Pretty Smooth Penny

  Penny 8 week pregnat Sire: Petname " Samson"  
  Newborn Penny and pups  
   Bidachows Enjoy Smooth Expresso Bidachows Enjoy Elegant Essy  


1 weeks

2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


5 weeks

6  weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
Bidachows Enjoy Smooth Expresso, now Kenzo eis moved to Hørsholm, he be living with Maxi, 3 year old black. Chow &  Sigi, old lady, black labrador. Sini  (Bidachows Enjoy Elegant Essy) has starter her  journey to her new home abroad (Finland) to oure friends (Pirkko & Pekka). This they sixth Bidachow and  now they again have all the colors in they home