Born d. 18 April 2014

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Sire: Ursulas Black Joe

Dam: Bidachows Tip Top Smooth Topsy

  Topsy 8 weeks pregnat Sire: pet name " Samson" New born Topsy m 2 pups  
  Bidachows Dreamboy Smooth Danny Bidachows Dreamboy Dylon Bidachows Dreamer Smooth Debby Bidachows Dreamgirl Smooth Dotty  
New born

names after the neilpolish on the tale

          4 days
1 week old
          1 week
2 week
          2 week
3 week
          moving to the living room
3 week and outside for the first time.
4 weeks  
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
  Danny & Cookey Dylon & Cookey Debby Dotty & Topsy  
        8 weeks
  Danny Dylon, Now Teddy moved to Fredriksund Debby Dotty  
  9 weeks  
          Debby og Dotty
10 weeks  
  Danny, Now Kenzo

moved to Hvidovre

with grandchildern

Ires & Egodi

11 weeks

Now Debby live home, but she will live close to us

13 weeks

Now also Dotty has a new family