C- Litter

Born d. 16 Oktober 2013

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    Nicky 35 days pregnant 7 weeks pregnant Sire: INTCH mm.Bidachows Gentle Gibson Nicky & newborn    
  Chino Carlos Clooney Chilas (lh) Conner Cookey together
1 day
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks

now move to the livingrom

5 weeks
5 weeks in the garden
6 weeks
6 weeks
  Chino Carlos Clooney Cookey & Chilas Conner Cookey Clooney & U'Nicky
7 weeks
7 weels
  Chilas & Chino Puppie play Super playtoy Cookey Carlos
8 uger
  Chino moved to KBH.Ø Carlos moved til Kerteminde Clooney moved to Sindal Chilas Move to Germany Cookey stay playtime
8 uger
  Chino Carlos Clooney Chilas Nicky play with her puppies
8,5 week  
  Chino lives now with a sweet Chowgirl Carlos & family Clooney in Sindal Chilas lives now on Fyn   Cookey What are you doing ?